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Chapter 9 Running Case Solution
1. Use the Internet to locate alternative suppliers for motorcycle fuel tanks. Identify 2 or
3 suppliers. Find out the amount of time and cost to ship a fuel tank (weighing about 5
pounds) via ground (surface delivery) from each supplier to Dirt Bikes in Carbondale,
Colorado. Which supplier is most likely to take the shortest amount of time and least
cost to ship the fuel tanks?
a. Cycle Stuff USA: Sells IMS Products fuel tanks for many motorcycle brands and
models, and they come in eight colors. The price is $189.99 per unit, including sales
b. ATV Motorcycle Parts: ATV sells all kinds of parts for motorcycles. Their fuel
tanks range in price from $89.50 to $169.50. Shipping for one tank to Carbondale,
c. Harris European Model Accessories (EMA): This company offers a number of
aluminum fuel tanks, but they are very expensive, ranging from $790 to $1,680.
d. Erospace Tech Inc.: This company claims that fiberglass tanks have generated
thousands of bad reports, and their tanks are of high technology materials. They are
e. This is clearly the best site for finding information on fuel
tanks because it offers links to other sites for motorcycle-related products. In the case
2. Dirt Bikes’s management would like to know if there is any supply chain
management software for a small business that would be appropriate for Dirt Bikes.

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