Management Chapter 11 Homework How Could The Following Employee Groups Benefit

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Chapter 11 Running Case Assignment: Achieving Operational Excellence:
Identifying Opportunities for Knowledge Management
Software skills: Web browser software, presentation software
Business skills: Knowledge management strategy formulation
This project provides an opportunity for you to identify opportunities for knowledge
management at a real-world business and to suggest value-adding knowledge
management applications.
Senior management has started reading about knowledge management and has asked you
to explore opportunities for improving knowledge management at Dirt Bikes. Write a
report answering the following questions.
What are the most important knowledge assets at Dirt Bikes? What functions and
employee positions are responsible for creating, distributing, and using these
knowledge assets? Are all of these assets explicit knowledge?
What knowledge outside the organization is required by the company?
How could the following employee groups benefit from knowledge management:
designers and engineers, product development specialists, marketing specialists,
sales department staff and representatives, managers
Describe the kinds of knowledge management systems that would be most
valuable for each of these groups. What information would each of these systems
Use the Web to research how the company could make better use of the Internet
for knowledge management. What Internet information resources (specific Web
sites or Usenet groups) would be most useful to Dirt Bikes?
Describe an enterprise portal for one of the employee groups listed in question 3.
To which knowledge resources would it link? What would the home page of this
portal look like?

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