Linguistics Chapter 18 Instructors Manual This Covers The Selectivity Language Subordination The Impossibility

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English with an Accent: Language-- Ideology and Discrimination in the United States 2nd Edition
Rosina Lippi-Green
Chapter 18
Instructors Manual
This chapter covers:
The selectivity of language subordination
The impossibility of creating one homogenous English
A discussion of what can or should be done about language subordination
A discussion of what language subordination is and is not
Sample answers to the questions from the text and the website
From the website
Where is the Love?: A Project on Language Discrimination
Directed by Jason Millar, Melanie Martin, Monica Bergeron, and Shanti Ernest
1. What do you think about this projects goals to spread the word about linguistic
discrimination? Do you think this is an effective way to make people aware of language
Sample answer: I think this is a very cool project. I like how they chose a popular song with a
message encouraging social change in order to link linguistic discrimination with racial
Suggested activities and discussion questions
1. Ask your students what they think can and/or should be done about language subordination.
Why do they feel the way they do? If they propose social changes, what kind of resources and
timeline would be involved? Who would be involved in enacting the change? Is there anything
they think they can or should do in their own lives to help make a change?
2. To enhance discussion of this chapter, please visit the companion website and check out the
audio and video clips available for use in your classroom.

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