Journalism Chapter 7 Homework Social media in isolation will not grow your brand. None of your plans should be simply social , but rather the combination of owned, earned

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Keith's Radio Station: Broadcast-- Internet-- and Satellite 9th Edition
Bruce Mims, John Allen Hendricks
“Radio + Social Media = ?”
By Lori Lewis
The Radio Station: Chapter 7
There’s a human element to social media that is
overlooked. Therefore brands should have a human
approach, not a common thinking bottom line
undertaking. When brands only look at social media
Social Media Is Not A Silver Bullet
Social media in isolation will not grow your brand. None
of your plans should be simply social , but rather the
combination of owned, earned, shared, and paid media.
Vanity MetricsA Brand's Favorite Sin
The amount of "Likes" or "followers" you accrue does not
equate to brand impact nor does it measure the quality
and depth of your fan relationships. Affinity trumps
"likes" and tweets. But to build affinity, you must speak
the language of your fans and emulate their dialogue
Building a Believable Social Brand
When it comes to building great radio brands, we work
on the fundamentals: research, putting the right people
in place, and having a plan. It's intuitive to us to build
dynamic radio stations with that discipline. But when it
We Are Not Entitled to a Social Fan Base
We may have remarkable traditional brands that fans
come to every day and even participate with, but when
Never Underestimate the Power of the
Personal Touch
Too often we see celebrities, companies (sometimes
even radio stations and personalities) brushing off fans
as if we're entitled to pick and choose who we respond
toif we even bother to respond at all. But
understanding what it takes to build and sustain a social
You'll also notice three common themes that
run through an effective social brand's
presence and behavior:
1.ValidationMaking people feel that they have been
seen and heard.
2.InspirationWhen there's more care in your content
selection than cat videos, and you create or curate
content that correlates with what fans experience as
We are operating radio stations in a world that has been
coined as "permanent beta"—it’s the mindset that
everything (even our own self) is a work in progress,
never finished. Because of this “permanent beta” digital
and social world, there may be no way we will ever
master social sites or apps. Things will always be
The social space isn't about persuading fans to listen to
you as much as it is fitting your brand into their
conversations and making a commitment to use these
platforms to make their lives better. Making them feel

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