Industrial Engineering Chapter 16 Homework Extraction And Other Separation Systems Objectives

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Process Technology Equipment and Systems 4th Edition
Charles E. Thomas
After studying this chapter, the student will be able to:
Describe the scientific principles associated with adsorption.
Describe the extraction process.
Describe the stripping process.
1. Describe the adsorption process. Answer: During the adsorption process a device is filled
with a porous solid designed to remove gases or liquids from a mixture. Typically the
2. Describe the regeneration process. Answer: First, after the bed is bypassed, the process
stream is displaced from the bed. This could be by draining it or displacement with
another chemical. The bed is sometimes washed or flushed to remove any remaining
3. Describe the scientific principles associated with absorbtion. Answer: An absorber
4. Describe the extraction process. Answer: Extraction is defined as a process for separating
5. Describe the stripping process. Answer: In the stripping process, high pressure steam is
6. What are the three basic types of extractions?
Answer: There are three basic types of extraction:
Leaching- In this process a material is removed from a solid mass by contacting it
7. Explain how a scrubber works. Answer: A scrubber is an environmental device used to
remove chemicals and solids from process gases. Scrubbers are cylindrical in shape and
8. Define solvent dewaxing. Answer: Dewaxing is the removal of wax from lubricating
9. Describe the principles associated with water treatment. Answer: Water treatment is a
10. What is the difference between adsorbtion and absorbtion? Answer: Adsorber- a device
11. Which is heavier, the extract or the raffinate? Answer: The extract.
12. What are the properties of a good solvent? Answer:
must be able to dissolve the solute
13. Describe a mechanical mixing extraction column. Answer:the newest and most
complicated extraction columns are those with mechanical mixing. These employ some
14. What are the three main types of extraction columns? Answer: There are three main
classifications of extraction columns, which are designed for this purpose:
packed columns
15. Describe how extraction and distillation work together. Answer: Tray columns can also
be used for liquid-liquid extraction. The tray designs are similar to those employed in
16. What does the term layer out mean? Answer: Components in the mixture separate into
17. How does a plate extraction column operate? Answer: Plate columns are designed to run
18. Describe the crystallization process. Answer: In crystallization, from seemingly nothing,
solids form and they get bigger and bigger. In crystallization a solution is used to
19. Crystallization is often referred to as the opposite of what other common process?
20. How does a paraxylene crystallizer operate? Answer: An example of the use of

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