Industrial Engineering Chapter 15 Homework Answer Kinetic What The Condensed Gas Taken

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Process Technology Equipment and Systems 4th Edition
Charles E. Thomas
After studying this chapter, the student will be able to:
Describe the principles of distillation.
Describe the relationship between the boiling point of a hydrocarbon and pressure,
temperature, flow, and level.
Describe the various concepts associated with pressure in a distillation system: vapor
pressure, partial pressure, relative volatility, compressibility, liquid pressure, and
Identify the different equipment systems used to make up a distillation system.
Explain how the methods of heat transfer apply to the distillation process.
1. What is the section of the column located above the feed tray called? Answer: Rectifying
2. What is the section of the column located directly below the feed tray called? Answer:
3. Describe how the liquid and vapor products on each tray in a distillation column could
run countercurrent to each other. Answer: The lighter components in the liquid vaporize
4. After the level builds up on a tray, it flows over the weir. Where does the liquid go when
5. What kind of energy do molecules in motion have? Answer: Kinetic.
7. What is the bottoms product called on a distillation column? Answer: Residual.
8. What is the term for the temperature at which a liquid changes state to a vapor? Answer:
9. What two components does a distillation column balance? Answer: Material and energy
10. What is the incomplete separation of a chemical in a distillation column called? Answer:
11. What is the condensed column product that is pumped back to the top tray of a distillation
12. What device is designed to maintain the temperature in a column? Answer: Reboiler.
13. Name three types of trays found in a distillation plate column. Answer: Bubble-cap,
14. What is heat that cannot be measured called? Answer: Latent heat.
15. Name two types of distillation columns. Answer: Packed and plate.
16. List four conditions that can affect the temperature in a tower. Answer:
a. pressure changes
17. Name three types of packing used in a distillation column.
a. Berl Saddle
18. Explain how to break a flood on a distillation column. Answer: To break a flood the
19. Compare and contrast dry trays and jet flooding. Answer: Jet flooding occurs when the
vapor velocity is so high that liquid down flow in the tower is restricted. Liquid
20. Define Temperature gradient. Answer: The difference between the bottom and upper

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