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Landscape Construction 3rd Edition
David Sauter
Exercise 40
Preparing and Seeding
a Turf Area
The objective of this exercise is to properly plan, prepare,
and seed a turf area.
Information related to this activity can be found in the
Landscape Construction textbook in Chapter 38, Estab-
lishment of Turf and Meadows.
Several methods are available to install turf in the land-
Site Preparation
Site preparation is critical in establishing any seeded
area. Begin by clearing the site of any debris and peren-
or sandy loam soils 4–6 inches deep. Any amendments
needed to achieve this soil type should be added at this
point. Blending a starter fertilizer with the ratio of 1:1:1
(e.g., an 8:8:8 or 16:16:16 grade fertilizer) into the topsoil
be in place before the planting operation begins. The
edgers can be installed before grade preparation, but in
many cases the grade preparation may damage materials
already in place.
Installation of Plant Material
Based on the climate, seeding operations may be limited
to seasons where the chances for seed success are the
highest. In warm climates, seed can be applied to a site
at any time of the year, but in colder climates the best
Seed application can be accomplished by hand sowing,
using a drop spreader, or using a broadcast spreader.
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166 Exercise 40 Preparing and Seeding a Turf Area
minimizing compaction on the surface and irrigating
every 1–2 days. Irrigation amounts will depend on site
conditions, but enough water should be applied to keep
tenance can be performed.
significantly differing sizes, it may be necessary to make
multiple applications with the equipment appropriately
set for each pass.
are perpendicular to the original direction (Figure 40–1).
Lightly rake the site and then roll with a water-filled
drum roller to improve seed contact with the soil. Water
in the seed using light irrigation, stopping when water
begins to run off the lowest side of the site. To reduce loss
of seed due to erosion and to preserve moisture, light
Second pass
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Exercise 40 Preparing and Seeding a Turf Area 167
Seed, quantity determined by exercise calculations
Amendment and fertilizer, quantities determined
by exercise calculations
An approximately 30 foot × 30 foot area that can
be seeded, with access to water
To complete this exercise, clear a 30 foot × 30 foot area of
debris and plant material. Plan for the seeding operation
by determining if any amendments are required and cal-
culating the amount of seed, amendment, and fertilizer
required. Prepare the area for seed as instructed in this
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