Civil Engineering Chapter 34 Homework Right Edges Where The Surfacing Material Overhangs

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Landscape Construction 3rd Edition
David Sauter
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Exercise 34
Surfacing Wood Structures
The objective of this exercise is to properly surface wood
Information related to this activity can be found in the
Landscape Construction textbook in Chapter 29, Wood
Decks and Platforms.
Deck surfacing comes in a variety of materials. Before
making a selection, review the structural and aesthetic
requirements of a project. Deck surfacing must be app-
lied at an angle to the joists for maximum support. Right
angles provide maximum support, but angles of up to
Surface Installation
Select a starting point for installation of the
surfacing material.
Snap parallel chalklines on top of the joists to help
surfacing are staggered. Trim material if necessary
to ensure surfacing always ends on a joist.
Consistently space deck material using a shim or
nail placed between the boards. Typical spacing
for 2 × 4s is 3/16 inch, but 2 × 4s that are still
wet from preservative treatment and 5/4s cedar
should be spaced 1/8 inch to allow for shrinkage
(Figure 34–2).
Fasten material to joists using two nails or deck
screws at each joist location, each nail placed
1 inch in from the edge of the surfacing and
centered over the joist.
At edges where the surfacing material overhangs
the frame of the deck, snap a chalkline along the
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Exercise 34 Surfacing Wood Structures 139
Cordless drill and bits
Socket wrench and sockets
• Circular saw
50 foot extension cord and access to a 120V GFCI
• Claw hammer
• Carpenter’s level
• Carpenter’s pencil
25 foot tape measure
• Lumber
• Fasteners
Figure 34–1 Snapping parallel chalklines to guide deck surfacing installation.
Cleat to support
surfacing at post.
Top of cleat to be
flush with top of joists.
Maintain spacing
between surface
Figure 34–2 Deck surfacing.
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140 Exercise 34 Surfacing Wood Structures
To complete this exercise, calculate and procure the
Deck surfacing and structural support
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