Civil Engineering Chapter 31 Homework Work screed in sawing motion over concrete tolevel and compact surface

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Landscape Construction 3rd Edition
David Sauter
Exercise 31
Concrete Pour
The objective of this exercise is to practice the proper
execution of a concrete pour.
Concrete contains caustic chemicals. Exposure
of the skin to concrete can cause burns. Wear
protective clothing and immediately wash
Information related to this activity can be found in the
One of the most versatile landscape paving materi-
als available is concrete. Concrete is durable, can be
Steps for a Concrete Pour
Before beginning a pour verify that forms are
secure and all tools and laborers are present.
Lightly wet pavement base if it is dry enough to
blow dust.
Pour concrete in a pile at the beginning point of
the pour. Begin work in remote portions opposite
the access point.
surface in repeated motions until concrete surface
is smooth. By raising and lowering the float handle
the leading edge of the float can be held off the
surface of the concrete. The float can be pushed
surface with a trowel. Sweep the trowel in an arcing
motion to continue to push the aggregate into the
surface and bring a thin layer of concrete to the top.
Work one area until surface is free of holes, then
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128 Exercise 31 Concrete Pour
one joint, then lift the 2 × 4, place it at the next
joint location, and repeat the operation. Work the
Students should have successfully completed Exercise 5,
Tool Operation and Construction Techniques, Exercise 9,
Proper clothing and safety gear, including tall
• Garden rakes
• Wheelbarrows
Concrete finishing tools, bull float, hand floats,
edgers, and jointers
25 foot tape measure
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Exercise 31 Concrete Pour 129
To complete this exercise, pour and finish concrete in the
forms constructed for Exercise 30.
Operate power equipment under supervision.
Serious injury or death could result
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