Civil Engineering Chapter 23 Homework The Front The Units Material Using Marking

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Landscape Construction 3rd Edition
David Sauter
Exercise 23
Installing Angled Corners
in Segmental Unit
Retaining Walls
The objective of this exercise is to properly construct
angled corners using segmental unit retaining wall
Information related to this activity can be found in the
Landscape Construction textbook in Chapter 18, Segmen-
tal Precast Unit Retaining Walls.
easier by the workability of the material. Stone wall mate-
rials contain pieces of varying lengths, allowing corners
to be turned with ease. Wood can be trimmed to desired
lengths. Creating corners with segmental wall units, how-
front of the units will be correctly positioned
according to project requirements.
Lay the first course so that two full units meet at
the corner. If necessary, trim blocks in the middle
of the course to ensure that the corner units are
Set the second course with the desired batter using
a running bond pattern. For this course, a partial
block is put into place on the corner, secured to
the lower course with adhesive (Figure 23–1B).
However, the blocks adjacent to this corner piece
must still touch at the back of the corner to provide
structural support for the wall. Trim each of these
three blocks as necessary to fit properly in the
course. Note that the corners of the two adjacent
(Figure 23–1C). At that point, configure the blocks
so that full units are yet again at the corner edges
of the course.
Trim the caps as required once the wall is
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Exercise 23 Installing Angled Corners in Segmental Unit Retaining Walls 99
Install the first course. Run the left side of the
course past the point where the corner turn is
to begin (Figure 23–2A). Install the right side
of the course so that it terminates by directly
abutting the left side of the wall. If trimming of
a unit is necessary to ensure proper fit of the
right side of the course, trim the unit closest to
new corner.
On the second course reverse the pattern used for
the first course (Figure 23–2B). If the bond pattern
Students should have successfully completed Exercise 5,
Tool Operation and Construction Techniques, Exercise 6,
Cutting of Paving and Wall Materials, and Exercise 22, Wall
Base Preparation and Wall First Course Installation/ Stepping
First Course, before beginning this exercise.
Proper clothing and safety gear
Angle trim blocks
A. Trim ends
on first course
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100 Exercise 23 Installing Angled Corners in Segmental Unit Retaining Walls
• Speed square
Segmental retaining wall units (including pins)
To complete this exercise construct the segment of land-
Operate power equipment under supervision.
Serious injury or death could result from improper
use of equipment. Follow manufacturer’s
B. Second side bypasses first; first side trimmed to fit
Figure 23–2 Inside angled corner with segmental units.
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Exercise 23 Installing Angled Corners in Segmental Unit Retaining Walls 101
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