Civil Engineering Chapter 2 Homework Use Recycled Wall Materials When Appropriate Landscape

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Exercise 2
Sustainability in Landscape
Construction Activities
The objective of this exercise is to properly evaluate sites
and construction documents for opportunities to practice
sustainable landscape construction.
References to sustainability are located throughout Land-
scape Construction, particularly in section introductions
Sustainability concepts are substantially influencing the
practice of landscape construction today. Sustainability
can be practiced on a small scale, for instance, by recy-
cling construction materials. It can also impact a project
more holistically, influencing site design, materials selec-
struction practices are presented below.
Before Construction Begins
Source local materials rather than materials
imported from great distances.
Maintain stockpiles of materials instead of making
numerous trips to suppliers.
Site Preparation
Avoid wetlands and environmentally sensitive
Minimize disturbance to the site.
Properly protect plant material to be saved.
Salvage, compost and/or recycle the waste
removed from a site.
Implement water retention techniques to store
and reuse rainwater on site.
• Use bioswales and stormwater retention to hold
water on a site.
Site Utilities
Landscape Retaining Walls
and Stairs
Use recycled wall materials when appropriate.
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12 Exercise 2 Sustainability in Landscape Construction Activities
Wood Landscape Construction
Use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified
Fences and Freestanding Walls
Use reduced impact wall construction, such as
rammed earth.
Site Amenities
Recycle old amenities from other sites or the
existing site.
Use amenities manufactured from recycled materials.
Sites for which landscape improvements are
List opportunities to practice sustainable landscape
construction at project sites identified by the instruc-
tor. Use the ideas provided in the introduction as a
guide for your work, adding details specific to the sites
in your answers. If you develop new ideas that you feel
will help protect the site environment, add them to
your list.
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