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Exercise 18
Soaker Trench
The objective of this exercise is to properly construct a
section of soaker trench.
Information related to this activity can be found in the
Landscape Construction textbook in Chapter 12, Site
Soaker Trenches
Runoff from roof drains and surface area drains can be
directed back into the soil through the use of soaker
trenches. Similar in nature to French drains and septic
leaching fields, the soaker trench is a subsurface trench
To build the soaker trench, use the following steps:
Identify the area where the trench is to be located.
Level ground is preferable. If on a sloping site, run
the trench perpendicular to the grade.
Excavate a trench that is 2–3 feet deep and
2–3feet wide, sloping slightly from one end to
the other. (Note that the width, depth, and the
length of a professionally constructed trench
with 15 feet of length for every 1000 square
feet of surface being drained. Poorly draining
soil generally requires a 3 feet wide by 3-feet
deep trench, with 25 feet of length for every
1000 square feet of surface being drained.
Dimensions must be verified by an engineer
or a landscape architect.)
Line the bottom and sides of the trench with an
8-feet wide piece of filter fabric. Fold the excess
fabric off to the side for later covering of the
Fill the trench to within 1 foot of the surface with
1–2 ½ inches rounded drainage rock.
Lay a socked perforated drain tile down the center
Students should have successfully completed Exercise 1,
Construction Math, and Exercise 5, Tool Operation and
Construction Techniques before beginning this exercise.
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Exercise 18 Soaker Trench Construction 69
15 LF of socked 4-inch drainage tile
1.5 CY of rounded drainage rock (septic rock)
15 LF of 8-feet wide filter fabric
Excavate trench to
required dimensions and
sloped slightly from one end
Place a socked, perforated drain
tile in center of trech along
entire lengh, connect high end
to drainage system, cap low end
Figure 18–2 Diagram of soaker trench to be constructed for
Exercise 18.
To complete this exercise, install a 10-feet long section of
soaker trench that is 2 feet wide by 3 feet deep in an open,
level area. The tile can be left extended out of the trench
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