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Landscape Construction 3rd Edition
David Sauter
Exercise 16
Erosion Mat Installation
The objective of this exercise is to properly install
erosion mat.
Information related to this activity can be found in the
Landscape Construction textbook in Chapter 13, Erosion
Erosion of surface material can create problems for
any disturbed site, whether completed or under con-
struction. One method of controlling surface erosion is
the use of erosion control blankets (ECBs) or erosion
Prepare the entire seedbed below the area where
the mat is to be placed. Place starter fertilizer and
seed over mat area. The surface must be smooth
and without ridges or valleys.
two mats are adjacent to one another, overlap the
mats by 12 inches. Mats can also be overlapped
if there is excess material in odd shaped areas.
Overlap by placing the mat from the higher side
over the mat on the lower side, then secure with
staples (Figure 16–1B).
Verify that there is good mat-to-soil contact.
Tuck the mat into the trench at the high side and
secure every 12 inches with staples at the bottom
of the trench (Figure 16–1C). Cut off any excess
material using a utility knife.
Install sod staples or metal stakes every 12 inches
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64 Exercise 16 Erosion Mat Installation
If the probability of water running under the mat is
high, check slots can be created to fasten the mat more
securely to the ground. To construct a check slot, follow
these steps:
Excavate a 6 inch deep by 6 inch wide trench along
the entire width of the slope at the point where a
check slot is needed.
Continue rolling the blanket down the hill
It is advisable to remove all stakes and staples that
can be found after the ground cover is established but
prior to the first mowing. This will reduce the chance of
mowers “throwing” loose stakes as projectiles and protect
mowing equipment from damage.
Trench at
top of slope
Step A
Width of blanket
Step C
Staple every
12" in trench
Figure 16–1 Installation of an erosion control blanket. The blankets are oriented with the long dimension running in the same direction as
the surface runoff.
Overlapping ECBs, uphill blanket
lies on top of lower blanket
Sod staple straddling dowel,
drive securely into ground Direction
of slope
Overlapping ECBs
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Exercise 16 Erosion Mat Installation 65
• Garden rakes
• Square-nosed shovels
• Drop spreader
• Utility knife
• Claw hammers
• Rubber mallet
6" x 6" Trench
Step A
Fold ECB back
Staple both ECBs
at bottom of trench
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