Civil Engineering Chapter 11 Homework Because Their Size And Vigor Many Shrubs

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Landscape Construction 3rd Edition
David Sauter
Exercise 11
Plant Protection
The objective of this exercise is to identify plant mate-
rial that is at risk from construction activities and select
methods to protect such plants.
The root zone of a plant extends from the trunk to at
least the drip line, or the imaginary line on the ground
directly below the outermost foliage. Depending on plant
species and environmental situations, many plants have
To reduce the potential damage to plants from con-
struction activities, plant protection must extend at
least to the drip line of the plant, and in some cases
consideration must be given to restricting activities out-
side the drip line. Because of their size and vigor, many
shrubs are fairly durable when exposed to construction
walkway through the root zone, or deep mulching at the
root zone. These techniques will reduce the compaction
of root zone soil. Fencing a plant at the drip line and
leaving the fence in place throughout construction will
and “fluffing” compacted areas, and assist the protected
plants with daily watering.
To assess a site for potential damage to plant material
from construction activities use the following steps:
Identify the construction site and boundaries.
Familiarize yourself with the construction plans,
Develop a plan for protection of at-risk plants.
Review a design and the site on which the design is to be
constructed. What impact will the design have on the site?
What types of disruptions may not be obvious? Which
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• Writing materials
would best provide the necessary protection. Prepare a
written summary listing the plant material at risk and the
protection techniques recommended for each.
52 Exercise 11 Plant Protection
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