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Chemical Process Safety: Fundamentals with Applications-- 4/e 4th Edition

978-0134857770 Chapter 10 Part 4

December 2, 2020
Solution 13-7
a) Describe the incident: On January 29, 2003, an explosion and fire destroyed the
b) Recommendations:
1) Make compliance with NFPA 654, Standard for the Prevention of Fire and Dust
Problem 13-8
Summarize the important content of the NFPA Standard 654.
Solution 13-8
1) Design the fire and explosion safety provisions based on a PHA.
2) Standard for the Prevention of Fire and Dust Explosions from the Manufacturing,
3) Minimize the escape of dust from process equipment or ventilation systems;
4) Incident investigations
5) Housekeeping program
Problem 13-9
The double block and bleed system shown in Figure 13-2 is an excellent
design feature that is often added to all monomer lines. However, it has one
problem; i.e. it creates another tank with a hazardous monomer. Develop a
new design of the double block and bleed system that is inherently safer than
the one shown in Figure 13-2.
Solution 13-9
As illustrated below, the bleed line and tank can be replaced with a source of
nitrogen. The nitrogen is added when the double block valves are closed.
Problem 13-10
The Lock-Out Tag-Out (LOTO) Permit is one that is used often in an industrial
environment. Search the internet for a more thorough procedure.
Solution 13-10
Note (c) after this problem solution, is the source of this information.
1. Use Lock-Out Tag-Out whenever:
Problems and Solutions for Chapter 14
Problem 14-1
All 20 RBPS elements are equally important and cannot be prioritized. Based on your
personal company experiences, what two elements have you found to be inadequate
and state your reasons.
Solution 14-1
Problem 14-2
As a follow-up to problem 14-1, and based on your company experience, list a few RBPS
elements that you have found to have inadequacies and state your reasons for these
Solution 14-2
The study of the RBPS elements and personal experiences reveals what needs to be emphasized:
a) Training and Performance Assurance: I have found that the memories of operators
and engineers is surprisingly short. So, training and retraining is especially
Problem 14-3
Solution 14-3
This incident occurred when sulfuric acid was being transferred from a truck to a
storage tank. The trucker inadvertantly connected the transfer line to a sodium
Problem 14-4
Solution 14-4
1) Description of incident: On Dec. 2007 T2 Laboratory's was producing a gasoline
additive and had a runaway reaction with serious consequences; 4 were killed and 32
injuried, including injuries from local businesses.
The additive was produced in a 2500 gallon reactor. It was an exothermic reaction
Problem 14-5
Solution 14-5
Problem 14-6
Solution 14-6
1) In April of 2013 this company had a large explosion with 30 tons of ammonium
Problem 14-7
Solution 14-7
Dr. Kletz is an internationally famous expert in the area of Chemical Process Safety,
Problem 14-8
Solution 14-8
Problem 14-9
availableinternetinformaonco ncerni ng the vid eo "RememberCharlie."
Solution 14-9
Video description: This hard hitting video explores the life and the workplace injury
Problem 14-10
Gas Station Fire, www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuZxFL9cGkI
Solution 14-10
Discription of incident:
a) A girl stopped for gas at a gas station.
b) She got out of the car at the pump and swipped her card, opened her gas tank,