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Chemical Process Safety: Fundamentals with Applications-- 4/e 4th Edition

978-0134857770 Chapter 1

December 2, 2020
Chapter 1
a. This is a bit difficult to classify since it doesn’t fit explicitly into the hierarchy. However,
it does appear that safety is a core value for this company so it is likely a 5.
a. This sends a strong message to the participants at the meeting that safety is NOT the most
important thing. This greatly weakens safety culture.
b. If this policy is enacted, it is very likely that eventually no one will wear safety glasses in
the lab. Why? Initially, the workers will wear the safety glasses, but over time a number
of marginal situations will occur where they really should have worn them and no one
a. The worker is the primary person at risk. This is individual risk and voluntary.
b. The primary risk population are the plant workers and the community adjacent to the
storage facility. If the workers or the people immediately adjacent to the plant were
aware of the plant hazards then the risk would be voluntary. Otherwise it is involuntary.
The key to this problem is determining whether an accident has occurred or not. If an
a. From Equation 1-2:
Total number of fatalites during period
Worker based fatal injury rate 100,000 workers
Total number of employees
= 100,000 workers
1,000 workers
1-7. The deaths per 100,000 people is given by the following equation provided in class:
1-8. For the suggested consequence / severity level:
For human health impact, there were multiple fatalities, so this is “catastrophic.”
For fire explosion direct cost, there was no explosion or fire, so this is not considered.
1-9. a. Anhydrous ammonia: 10,000 lbm
1-10. The key is to decide if the incident or consequences have already occurred. If it has, the
safeguard is mitigative.
1-11. Will accept any one of the following answers:
a. Stakeholder outreach
b. Emergency management
c. Training and performance assurance, process knowledge management, process safety
culture, process safety competency.
a. Substitute
b. Simplify