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Basic Environmental Technology: Water Supply-- Waste Management & Pollution Control 5th Edition
Jerry A. Nathanson M.S. P.E.
Instructor’s Manual
to accompany
Water Supply, Waste Management, and Pollution Control
Fifth Edition
Jerry A. Nathanson
Upper Saddle River, New Jersey
Columbus, Ohio
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ISBN-13: 978-0-13-119083-2
ISBN-10: 0-13-119083-0
This manual provides instructors with (a) text page references and Internet URLs where
answers to the end-of-chapter Review Questions can be found, (b) worked out solutions to
each of the Practice Problems, and (c) supplemental problems and 100 multiple choice
questions (and answers) that can be incorporated in tests or a final examination.
Generally, answers to end-of-chapter Practice Problems are rounded-of
to reflect the precision of the data and/or the accuracy of the assumed factors in the problems.
These answers are also listed in Appendix F of the text for students to use in checking their work.
(The author has made every attempt to keep errors to a minimum. He can be notified of any
mistakes that may be found in the text or in this manual at: nat[email protected]net).
Review Question Page References
(29) 14
(33) http://www.envirosources.com
(15) 14
(19) 17-19
(20) 18, 19
(21) 18, 19
(22) 19
(23) 20
(24) 21
(25) 21-22
(26) 22
(27) 23
(28) 23
(1) 1-2
(5) 7
(6) 8-9
(7) 9-10
(8) 10
(9) 10-11
(10) 10-11
(11) 11
(12) 11-12
(13) 12
(14) 8-13
(There are no Practice Problems for Chapter 1)

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