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Business Law with UCC Applications 14th Edition

978-0077733735 Chapter 30 Solution Manual

April 10, 2019
Chapter 30 Real Property and Landlord-Tenant Law
Opening Case Questions
1. The number of contracts is actually in dispute. Here are the possible contracts. Contract #1
Wellington Resource Group (WRG) and Beck Energy Corporation (BEC) have a contract. The
contract obligated WRG to find a well-financed buyer that would be able to purchase WRG's oil
2. New technologies have enabled land owners (or, perhaps more correctly, land controllers) to
3. It is a good idea for real estate brokers to be licensed because as the text notes: “Real estate
negotiations are complicated and detailed procedures that must be followed precisely to prevent
4. The oil and gas contract is a real property contract because it authorizes the oil and gas
5. The other option is that the agreement might be a sale of goods contract. However, that type of
Questions for Review and Discusssion
1. Real property is the ground and everything permanently attached to it, including the airspace
2. Most of the estates that were passed on to the nobility in medieval England could last infinitely
because the nobles who held them were empowered to pass them on to their heirs. These estates were
3. Often only one person owns a tract of real estate. This type of ownership is referred to as
ownership in severalty. It is also very common, however, for two or more people to own the same tract
of land. This type of ownership is referred to as concurrent ownership, although the more common term
5. A dormant minerals statute is designed to permit the surface owner of a plot of land to recover
6. All ownership of private property is subject to the government’s superior rights if property is
needed for a public purpose. Eminent domain, also called condemnation, is the right of federal, state,
8. The five elements that are necessary for the creation of the landlord-tenant relationship are
consent of the landlord to the occupancy by the tenant, transfer of possession and control of the
9. The essential requirements of a lease are a definite agreement as to the extent and bounds of the
10. A landlord’s duties under a lease include the duty to refrain from discrimination, the duty to
maintain the premises, and the duty to deliver peaceful possession. The landlord may not commingle
security deposits and must return the balance of any security deposits to the tenant at the end of the
Cases for Analysis
1. The court should hold in favor of Bell. Once an easement is created and properly recorded, it runs
2. At her death in 1981, Maria owned the property subject to Annie’s life estate in one half of the
3. Yes. Trade fixtures are those items of personal property that are brought upon the premises by the
tenant and that are necessary to carry on the trade or business to which the said premises will be
5. No. A deed is valid and operative between the parties whether or not it is founded upon
7. No. One of the essential requirements of a lease is a definite and agreed term. The court held that
9. No. The evidence clearly showed a lease of the apartment with a transfer of possession, control,
and care to the lessees, who were tenants and not lodgers. A lodger is one who has the use of property
10. Yes. The lease to Alabama Outdoor Advertising Co. did not contain a term of years; however, it did
create a tenancy at will. When the end of the term is indefinite and uncertain, there is no valid lease for