Book Title
Business Law with UCC Applications 14th Edition

978-0077733735 Chapter 28 Part Seven Case Study

April 10, 2019
Part Seven Case Study
Gries Sports Enterprises, Inc. v. Cleveland Browns Football Co., Inc.
1. The plaintiffs-appellants, that is Gries Sports Enterprises, Inc. and Robert Gries, had the burden
of proof in this case.
2. According to the court in this case, a director or directors will be interested if he or she “appears
3. According to the court in this case, a director will be independent if his or her “decision is based
4. The court says that a director will be considered informed if he or she “makes a reasonable effort
5. When the business judgment rule is not applied, as occurred in this case, the fairness rule is used
6. No. The court did not believe that the purchase of Cleveland Stadium Corporation was fair to the
Cleveland Browns or to minority shareholders. The court said “no arms length negotiations as to price,
7. There is sufficient evidence of the existence of a tying agreement to allow the case to go to trial.