Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

978-0077729028 Quiz Yourself

April 8, 2019
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 1
1 Melanie works for a small computer software company. Her boss is constantly improving
their products but neglecting customers, billing, and promoting the company. Her boss is
probably stuck in the _____________ era of marketing.
The production era of marketing dealt primarily with manufacturing processes and the design of
a good product, but without concern for meeting specific customer needs.
1 In delivering value, marketing firms attempt to find the most desirable balance between:
The challenge for all firms is to provide the value customers expect while keeping costs low
enough to allow the firm to be profitable.
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 2
1. Even when large discount retailers enter a market, a few small, local retailers survive and
prosper. These small retailers have probably developed a(n) ________ that allows them to
The other items listed could help the retailers to develop or evaluate a plan to achieve a
sustainable competitive advantage, but on their own they will not be enough. Small retailers
usually cannot compete with larger competitors on price. But they might survive by offering
services their customers value (and are willing to pay extra to get), by offering specialty
products not carried by larger retailers, or by locating in places where the larger stores don't
want to (or can't) locate.
2. Many of today's college graduates will make their livings providing goods and services to
"baby boomers," the large group of Americans born in the period after World War II. Baby
boomers are a _________________ market segment.
This segment is being formed using age, a demographic factor.
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 3
Suppose that Nike wanted to use Facebook to increase awareness of a new line of tennis shoes.
Which of the following methods would allow Nike to specifically target Facebook users who
have mentioned tennis in their profiles?
2 When a company that uses social media runs a contest online, it will measure its
effectiveness in a variety of ways. One such measure is the conversion rate. The conversion
rate for the contest promotion would be
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 4
The Johnson & Johnson Credo acknowledges the company's responsibility to:
The opening of the Credo, quoted in the text, mentions all users of its products (including
doctors and nurses), its employees, the communities in which employees live, and its
3 When making decisions, managers often have to decide between doing what is beneficial for
them (and possibly the firm) in the short run, and doing what is right and beneficial for the
firm and for society in the long run. To address this conflict, a firm:
The firm does not need to always put society's needs above its own; however, it is important to
ensure that short-term behavior supports long-term goals.
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 5
Yuri is considering a new promotional campaign in which he will compare his products to those
of his competitors. Before initiating the promotional campaign, Yuri will likely assess his
competitors' strengths, weaknesses, and:
Yuri must consider competitors' strengths and weaknesses in order to perform accurate
comparisons; he must also understand how competitors will respond to the promotional
Marketers have learned that culture influences ________ consumers buy.
Culture influences many aspects of consumers' purchase decisions.
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 6
The consumer decision process model represents:
The consumer decision process model identifies steps involved in buying decisions. Consumers
may spend little or no time in some of the steps depending on the purchase situation.
4 A key to successful marketing is determining how to meet the correct balance of
________________________ needs that best appeals to the firm's target markets.
Marketers must understand what needs are most likely to drive customers to consider their
products, and design offerings to meet those needs.
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 7
2 Compared to the B2C process, the information search and alternative evaluation steps in the
B2B process are:
Because of the buying center and organizational requirements, the B2B buying process is more
formal and tends to have more structure and rules than the B2C buying process.
5 After need recognition and product specification, many firms using the B2B buying process:
The third step, after need recognition and product specification, is for the firm to provide a
request for proposals from suppliers detailing what the firm needs to purchase.
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 8
3 Walmart is known for its efficient logistical systems. Every time consumers buy something,
that purchase is recorded and sent to company headquarters, where it is used to generate
re-orders to vendors. In addition, customers' billions of purchases are analyzed using data
mining techniques to uncover:
Walmart is analyzing customers' purchase data.
6 Just as marketers create value by meeting the needs and wants of consumers, market
researchers create value if:
Market research creates value if it can assist in management decision making.
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 9
5 Four frequently used targeting strategies are the micromarketing, undifferentiated,
differentiated and ________________ targeting strategies.
The four targeting strategies are micromarketing, undifferentiated, differentiated, and
7 Television advertising has recently expanded to include "mini-ads," which are short ads
lasting five to ten seconds. These ads are most useful in advertising to men, since men are
more likely than women to channel surf during commercial breaks. This type of advertising
will be more useful to marketers engaged in ________________ segmentation.
B. psychographic
Gender is a demographic variable.
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 10
6 Walmart is known for its efficient logistical systems. Every time consumers buy something,
that purchase is recorded and sent to company headquarters, where it is used to generate
re-orders to vendors. In addition, customers' billions of purchases are analyzed using data
mining techniques to uncover:
Walmart is analyzing customers' purchase data.
8 Just as marketers create value by meeting the needs and wants of consumers, market
researchers create value if:
Market research creates value if it can assist in management decision making.
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 11
7 One key feature of the value of a brand is that:
Strong brands protect the firm somewhat from competition because the brand differentiates the
firm's products, making customers more loyal.
9 It is almost impossible to watch a sporting event on television without seeing Nike's
"swoosh" check mark, which is Nike's:
The "swoosh" is a brand symbol associated with Nike. The firm has invested a great deal of time
and money in making the swoosh one of the most recognizable brand symbols in the world.
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 12
8 The diffusion of innovation theory is useful to marketers in helping them:
The diffusion of innovation theory sheds light on the types of customers who buy products during
different stages. It does not predict exactly when these stages in the diffusion process will occur,
nor does it forecast sales.
10 Inkjet personal computer printers were a big improvement over the dot matrix printers they
replaced. Inkjet printers gained rapid acceptance in the marketplace primarily because of
Inkjet printers offered a substantial relative advantage compared to dot matrix printers.
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 13
9 When marketers say that services are ____________, they are referring to the fact that
services cannot be touched, tasted, or seen, like a pure product can.
Intangibility refers to the fact that, unlike products, services cannot be touched, tasted, seen, or
11 Cheryl will only let Martiné cut her hair. She has tried other hairdressers, but she knows from
experience that Martiné cuts her hair well every time. For Cheryl, ________________ is the
most important of the five service quality dimensions.
Martiné cuts Cheryl's hair right every time. She might have other weaknesses--perhaps she is
rude, or always runs behind schedule, or perhaps she doesn't do a good job of keeping her
station neat, but she gives good haircuts. Reliability is the service quality dimension that refers
to doing the job correctly.
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 14
10 Marketers can deliver high value through high or low prices, depending on:
Value can be delivered at a variety of price points, as long as the benefits delivered match the
12 Ferrari and Lamborghini are manufacturers of very expensive automobiles. Their limited
edition cars often sell for $300,000 or more. For most consumers, these are prestige
products, and demand is likely to be:
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 15
11 When the first hybrid automobiles became available on the market, manufacturers had only
minimal production capacity. They used a price skimming strategy primarily to:
There are two primary new product pricing strategies: skimming, which focuses on selling at a
high price to the Innovators and Early Adopters on the diffusion of innovation curve; and market
penetration, which focuses on selling at a low price in order to gain market share as quickly as
possible. Skimming can be used for a variety of reasons; in this case, since the manufacturers
had limited production capacity, setting a high price helped to match supply and demand.
13 It is important to Joanne to get value for her money but, she does not want to spend time
comparison shopping. Joanne will likely respond to _______________ pricing but not
_______________ pricing.
Everyday low pricing focuses on providing reasonable prices all the time on all products, instead
of using sale items and regular, higher prices. This allows consumers to shop in one place and
know they are getting a reasonable price, instead of having to search around for bargains. By
contrast, high/low pricing strategies adopt a regular, higher price and occasional low sales
prices. This requires the consumer to shop around to find out which stores have which items on
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 16
1 Which of the following is NOT one of the activities carried on in a distribution center?
Distribution centers do all of these things except distribution of paychecks.
2 When Cynthia's Boutique receives dresses, they already have price tags and are on
hangers. Cynthia's Boutique receives ________ merchandise.
Floor ready merchandise is merchandise that is ready to be placed on the selling floor.
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 17
1 Retailing is where marketing:
Retailing sits at the end of the supply chain, facing the consumer.
2 If you were a marketer for a manufacturer and you wanted to improve revenues from
irregulars, production overruns and returns, you would be attracted to using ____________.
Some manufacturers with strong brands create factory outlet stores to sell irregulars, returns,
and production overruns at discount prices.
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 18
1 The basic goal of integrated marketing communications is to:
Marketing communications is the "Promotion" element of the four Ps, the method by which the
firm communications value to target customers.
2 Most manufacturers and retailers worry constantly about whether or not their IMC efforts
are paying off. They assess various forms of _________________ to determine what is working
and what is not.
Feedback can be useful in evaluating the success of IMC programs.
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 19
1 After the advertiser has decided on the message, type of ad, and appeal, their attention now
shifts to:
Once these decisions are made, it is time to create the advertisements.
2 Unlike advertising, public relations:
converts mass media advertising into direct marketing.
Public relations consists of "free" media attention, often obtained because of corporate activities
to encourage the attention.
Quiz Yourself- Chapter 20
12 Tana went to The Gap ready to buy a new blouse, but not sure which color or style she
wanted. The sales representative, sensing Bridgette's buying mode, began with the
_________________ stage of the selling process.
Tana was ready to see her options in styles and colors, so the sales rep would move directly to a
14 The beginning of the sales presentation may be the most important part of the selling process,
because this is where the salesperson establishes:
Early in the sales presentation, the sales rep needs to determine where the customer is in the
buying process by asking a series of questions.