Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

978-0077729028 Chapter 19 Answers To End Of Chapter

April 8, 2019
Answers To End Of Chapter Learning Aids
Marketing Applications
1 What are the objectives of the Chipolte ad (page 579)? Does the ad have more than one
objective? Explain your answer.
2 Using the same ad, explain what kind of appeal it uses.
3 Verizon spends millions of dollars each year on advertising for many different purposes. Provide
an example of how it might design an informative ad, a persuasive ad, and a reminder ad.
4 Name a current advertising slogan you believe is particularly effective for developing a unique
selling proposition.
5 Bernard’s, a local furniture company, target markets to college students with apartments and
households of young people purchasing their first furniture items. If you worked for Bernard’s, what
type of media would you use for your advertising campaign? Justify your answer.
6 Should Bernard’s use continuous, pulsing, or flighting for its advertising schedule? Why?
7 Suppose Porsche is introducing a new line of light trucks and has already created the advertising
campaign. How would you assess the effectiveness of the campaign?
8 Suppose now that Porsche is planning a sales promotion campaign to augment its advertising
campaign for the new line of light trucks. Which push and pull sales promotion tools do you believe
would be most effective? Why?
9 Consider all the diet products that are currently advertised on television today, including weight
loss supplements, weight loss programs, and fitness equipment. Do you believe that some of these ads
overstate what the product or service can actually do? Do you think any of these ads are actually
deceptive or puffery?
10 You are invited to your six-year-old niece’s birthday party and bring her the new superhero doll
being advertised on television. She’s thrilled when she unwraps the gift but is in tears a short time later
because her new doll is broken. She explains that on TV, the doll flies and does karate kicks, but when
she tried to play with the doll this way, it broke. You decide to call the manufacturer, and a
representative tells you he is sorry your niece is so upset but that the ad clearly states the doll does not
fly. The next time you see the televised ad, you notice very small print at the bottom that states the doll
does not fly. You decide to write a letter to the FTC about this practice. What information should you
include in your letter?
Net Savvy
1 Go to the website for the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU), one of the major
self-regulatory bodies for children’s advertising, at www.caru.org. Click on the About Us and examine
the activities of CARU. How does this form of regulation complement the more formal regulation of
federal and state agencies? Now look under the News and Publications link. Choose one of the press
releases and discuss what action CARU took against the identified company or group. What was the
main issue in the case?
This exercise is designed to help students understand what kind of watchdog groups exist for children’s
2 PR Newswire attempts to provide information for “professional communicators.” Visit its
website at www.prnewswire.com and explore the “Products and Services” it has to offer. What would
you consider this organization’s primary purpose? To whom does PR Newswire address the advertising
appeals on its website?
Chapter Case Study: Making MasterCard Priceless
1 Why was the original Priceless campaign such a success?
2 Why has MasterCard started to use “Priceless” more actively in its messaging?
According to MasterCard’s chief marketing officer, the goal of continuing the Priceless campaign is to
“transform consumers’ perception of the card from simply part of prices moments to being the force
that enables such experiences.” The Priceless campaign, today, is designed to place MasterCard at
the center of life’s memorable, “priceless”, events.