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International Business: The Challenge of Global Competition 13th Edition

978-0077606121 Chapter 15 Answers to Questions

April 7, 2019
Chapter 15 - Marketing Internationally
1 Answers to Questions
1. Louis Vitton CEO Yves Carcelle says, “One to two thousand people is all you need. You can’t
2. What future do you see for global advertising?
As ads move increasingly to the Internet, the tension between standardized cost savings and
3. What are two advantages of standardizing the marketing mix worldwide?
4. As people become more-educated and living conditions improve, do their product preferences
Chapter 15 - Marketing Internationally
5. What is the basis of the reasoning for a panregional approach?
The idea is that regional “clusters” are an appropriate “middle ground” between local advertising
6. Arguably, food retailing in Japan and Europe is becoming more like that in the U.S. What
changes made this possible?
The spread of refrigerators and the car in Europe and Asia made it possible to shop for several
7. Assume you are a consultant to Nintendo, shortly before the introduction of the Wii U. What
advice would you give Nintendo about making the device attractive to various foreign
Chapter 15 - Marketing Internationally
8. What cultural problems might you encounter in introducing Foursquare in foreign markets?
Foursquare is a location-based game that allows you to identify where you, and your friends, are,
9. Farmville and Cityville are simple games played by millions of Facebook users, and the
Chinese equivalent enjoys almost as much success. What do you think are the elements of
Farmville and Cityville that would appeal to consumers from many different cultures?
According to Farmville’s developer, Zynga, the three core activities of the internet are search,
Minicase 18.1 Witty, Irreverent or a Little Over the Top?
1. View the ads. Did you find them offensive?
2. Do you think such ads will help Kraft shed its older, stodgy image?
Chapter 15 - Marketing Internationally
3. Can you develop a similar campaign for another old-line brand or product that needs
2 globalEDGE
Exercise One
Locate and retrieve the most current ranking of global brands. Identify the criteria that are
utilized in the ranking. Which country has considerable representation in the top 100 global
brands list? Prepare a short report identifying the countries that possess top global brands and the
potential reasons for success.
Exercise Two
You are the marketing manager of a company that sells pet products, which have been of high
demand in the U.S. Given the huge success domestically, you want to explore opportunities
abroad for your products. Utilize the Country Commercial Guides for U.S. Investors and find a
market research report on the pet products sector in Poland. Prepare an executive summary
highlighting the opportunities and obstacles for your company in this country.