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International Business: The Challenge of Global Competition 13th Edition

978-0077606121 Chapter 11 Answer to Questions

April 7, 2019
Chapter 11 - Global Leadership Issues and Practices
Answers to Questions
1. What is a global mindset and why is it important for international companies?
Global mindset is defined as “one that combines an openness to and awareness of
2. What is the difference between management and leadership?
Leadership is not the same thing as management, although there is overlap between the
two concepts. Warren Bennis differentiated between the two concepts, including the
following distinctions:
3. How does global leadership differ from domestic leadership?
The leadership competencies associated with leadership in domestic settings are also
Chapter 11 - Global Leadership Issues and Practices
4. What are the different types of roles that a global leader may need to take?
Henry Mintzberg and other researchers have identified a range of such roles, including:
The broad range of duties of global leaders suggests that such individuals require
a complex mix of competencies in order to be effective in their duties. Among the
Chapter 11 - Global Leadership Issues and Practices
5. How does Blake’s Global Leadership Triad differ from the Pyramid Model of Global
Leadership? How are the two models similar?
Terrence Brake created the Global Leadership Triad (see Figure 11.1), which incorporates
three interrelated sets of competencies required for effective global leadership: (1)
6. Compare and contrast the GLED model and the “right stuff” model of leadership
development. What is similar between the two models? What is different?
Both GLED and the Right Stuff models speak to the issue of global leadership
development. GLED focuses on the individual's development, whereas the Right Stuff
model factors in the strategic needs of the firm.
Chapter 11 - Global Leadership Issues and Practices
7. What are some of the tools and techniques that an aspiring global leader might be
able to use to develop her global leadership skills?
Development of global leadership skills is a nonlinear process comprised of a set of
diverse experiences. Differences in the background and attributes of leadership
8. Describe global teams.
Global teams have members in multiple locations in more than one country. Further, they
have several dimensions that add to their complexity. These additional dimensions
9. Many business managers will say, "Leadership is leadership the world over." What are
they missing?
Competencies associated with leadership in domestic settings are also relevant to
leadership within global contexts. However, global leaders confront different contexts
Chapter 11 - Global Leadership Issues and Practices
10. How might national level culture affect change?
In addition to meeting the basic conditions of team performance, that have to do with the
team's organization, social processes, and task processes, team leaders face a far more
complex context. A major part of this context is culture. Diverse team members bring
Justin Marshall: A Failed Global Leadership Opportunity?
1. What might explain Justin’s failure to perform well in his new leadership role as
the head of the Asia-Pacific division?
Justin's focus on the Asia-Pacific division's turnaround seems to have been limited
to the technical analysis side of the process. There is no mention of his global
2. What might Compcorp have done to enhance prospects for Justin’s successful
performance? What might Justin himself have done to enhance the likelihood of
success in his new assignment and to help avoid derailing an otherwise highly
promising career in Compcorp?
Compcorp could have used the GLED model to develop Justin, or the Right
Chapter 11 - Global Leadership Issues and Practices
Exercise One
Your long-term goal is to be in a position of global leadership in a large, multinational
corporation. As you take this course, you realize the importance of developing global
leadership skills through international and cross-cultural experiences. As a result, you are
now considering participating in an international internship program. Using the
International Internship Directory provided by globalEDGE, identify internship
opportunities in private corporations in Germany. Which three programs do you find most
Exercise Two
During your university studies, you have been taking French lessons. Although you are
Chapter 11 - Global Leadership Issues and Practices
Chapter 11 - Global Leadership Issues and Practices
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