Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

978-0073403267 Chapter 29 Answers to Textbook Assignments

April 6, 2019
Part 2: Answers to Textbook Assignments
Questions for Comprehension
29.1 What three questions should form the basis for an interview strategy? (LO 29-1)
What about yourself do you want the interviewer to know?; What disadvantages or weaknesses
29.2 How do you use your interview strategy during an interview? (LO 29-2)
Plan for what you want the interviewer to know about yourself, then work the answers into the
29.3 How do successful interviewees communicate? (LO 29-4)
29.4 What are your greatest strengths? How can you demonstrate them during an
interview? (LO 29-3, LO 29-4)
Students’ answers will vary. To demonstrate strengths, applicants should find positive ways to
29.5 What are your weaknesses? How can you deal with them if they come up during an
interview? (LO 29-3, LO 29-4)
Students’ answers will vary. If weaknesses come up, applicants should address them as
29.6 What are your options if you are asked what you believe is an illegal interview
question? Which option seems best to you? Why? (LO 29-3, LO 29-4)
Even though some questions, such as those about religious affiliation, marriage and children, and
Q: “Aren’t you just looking for a husband?”
A: “You may be asking whether I’ll stay with you long enough to justify the expense of training
29.7 Is it unethical to practice answering interview questions, so that you come across as
very poised at an interview? (LO 29-3, LO 29-4)
There’s nothing wrong with practicing for the interview. However, there’s no point in assuming
29.8 Interviewing Job Hunters (LO 29-3, LO 29-4)
Students should find this assignment interesting and informative. It works well as an extra credit
29.9 Interviewing an Interviewer (LO 29-3, LO 29-4)
Students may find the prospect of interviewing an interviewer a bit daunting, but they learn a lot
from the experience.
29.10 Preparing an Interview Strategy (LO 29-3, LO 29-4)
A good interview strategy statement will offer detailed answers to each of the three questions
29.11 Preparing Answers to Behavioral Interview Questions (LO 29-4 to LO 29-6)
29.12 Preparing Questions to Ask Employers (LO 29-4 to LO 29-6)
Students’ answers will vary. This makes a good quiz or topic for small group discussions.
Polishing Your Prose: Using a Dictionary (Odd-numbered answers are in the back of the
Several answers are possible. Here are likely ones.
2. Pound can be a measurement of weight or can describe a motion of hitting someone or
10. Promote refers to the act of highlighting or touting a product or idea. It can also be used as