Book Title
M: Business Communication 3rd Edition

978-0073403229 Chapter 7 Solutions To Sample Problem-Solving Cases

April 5, 2019
Solutions to Sample Problem-Solving Cases
Persuasive Requests, Case #1
Persuasion involves convincing – getting someone else to see things the way you do or to take an action you
want them to take. The key to success is to know and understand your readers well so that you can think about
the subject from their point of view—and then to generate appealing details that will be stronger than the
readers’ reasons for not complying.
Accordingly, students need to think first about 1) why school employees might want to bring their kids to work
one day and 2) what might keep these employees from doing so.
Among the possible answer for #1 above:
Sales, Case #16
This problem can give students excellent practice turning product features into reader benefits.
The first step is to visit swim and tennis club websites and thoroughly study all their features. Here’s a partial
Exclusive access to high-quality facilities
Equipment provided
Year-round access
Free parking
Towels and lockers and changing rooms provided
Group and individual exercise and sports instruction classes available
Related Research/Exercises:
Have students propose ways to incorporate visuals effectively into this persuasive message. Will the letter itself
contain visuals? Will there be supporting pieces that do? What kinds of visuals should be included to support
different types of persuasive appeals?