Book Title
M: Business Communication 3rd Edition

978-0073403229 Chapter 6 Critical Thinking Questions

April 5, 2019
Critical Thinking Questions
1. Give examples of times (or situations) when directness is appropriate for responses giving
negative information. (LO1)
2. Writing in the indirect order usually requires more words than does writing in the direct order.
Since conciseness is a virtue in writing, how can the indirect order be justi%ed? (LO1)
Conciseness means using the minimum of words consistent with achieving the goal. In situations
3. What strategy is best in a message refusing a request when the reasons for the refusal are
strictly in the writers best interests? (LO3)
4. Apologies in refusals are negative because they call a+ention to what you are refusing. Thus,
you should avoid using them.” Discuss. (LO3)
This also is a thought question and should produce various viewpoints. Apologies do call
5. Explain how a claim message can be either direct or indirect. (LO4)
As the text says, even claim messages wri-en in the indirect order have an element of
6. “If I’m not emotional in my claim messages, the readers won’t understand how upset I am.
Respond to this statement. (LO4)
Strategically placed and worded, some emotion in claim messages can be appropriate. But too
much emotion or the wrong type (such as indignation) will just put the reader on the defensive.
7. Some business writers explain an adjustment refusal simply by saying that company policy did
not permit granting claims in such cases. Is this explanation adequate? Discuss. (LO5)
This argument is weak. Hiding behind company policy may clear the writer of blame, but it does
not clear the company. The goodwill goal of the message requires that the company also be
8. Negative announcements usually need to include much more than the announcement.
Explain. (LO6)
The announcement needs to be explained and justi9ed. Also, the announcement may raise
9. Give examples of negative announcements that appropriately are wri+en in the direct order.
These examples should be judged on their own merit. One example is news that has already