Book Title
M: Business Communication 3rd Edition

978-0073403229 Chapter 5 Skills Building Exercises

April 5, 2019
Skills Building Exercises
1. Point out the shortcomings in this email response to an inquiry about a short course in
business communication that Casey Webster’s company offered to its employees. The course
was taught by a local college professor. Mr. Braden’s initial inquiry included five questions:
(1) How did the professor perform? (2) What was the course format (length, meeting
structure)? (3) What was the employee evaluation of the instruction? (4) Was the course
adapted to the company and its technical employees? (5) Was homework assigned? (LO1,
LO2, LO4)
Subject: Course evaluation
Mr. Braden:
Your January 17 inquiry addressed to the Training Director has been referred to me for a$ention
since we have no one with that title. I do have some training responsibilities and was the one
who organized the in-house course on clear writing. You asked +ve questions about our course.
Concerning your question about the instructor, Professor Alonzo Bri$, I can report that he
did an acceptable job in the classroom.
Casey Webster
The shortcomings are as follows:
2. Point out the shortcomings in this message granting a claim for a fax machine received in
damaged condition. Inspection of the package revealed that the damage did not occur in
transit. (LO1, LO7)
Dear Ms. Orsag:
Sco$ Hildebrand
Shortcomings of the message to Ms. Orsag are as follows:
a. The opening is indirect and slow. The good news is delayed a full paragraph.
3. List your criticisms of this email message inquiring about a convenience store advertised for
sale: (LO1, LO3)
Subject: Store details needed
Mr. Meeks:
This is in response to your advertisement in the May 17 Daily Bulletin in which you describe a
Criticisms of the message to Mr. Meeks are as follows:
a. “This is in response to…” —a slow, indirect opening, obvious
4. Criticize the following thank-you message from a college student to a professor who has sent
her a job lead. (LO1, LO5)
Subject: Thanks
Dear Prof. Smith,
Thanks for the hot p on the job! I’m interviewing there tomorrow!
Criticisms of the message to Professor Smith are as follows:
5. Critique the following direct claim message: (LO1, LO6)
I wonder if you would consider reducing the bill I recently received for repair work that Tom,
one of your men, performed last week. I did not realize that he would charge me for the me
he spent going to Home Depot to get the parts he needed. If I’d known this, I probably
wouldn’t have chosen your company to do the work.
Please let me know your reply as soon as possible.
Kim Keeley
A critique of the direct claim message to Kim Keeley is as follows:
6. Criticize the following operational message from a restaurant manager: (LO1, LO8)
Wait sta(:
It has come to my a)enon that our customer service is substandard. We will therefore hold
mandatory training sessions over the next three weeks. See your shi+ supervisor to plan your
work schedule so that you can a)end.
Criticism of the operational message from a restaurant manager is as follows: