Book Title
M: Business Communication 3rd Edition

978-0073403229 Chapter 5 Critical Thinking Questions

April 5, 2019
Critical Thinking Questions
1. When is the direct order appropriate in inquiries? When would you use the indirect order?
Give examples. (LO1)
2. “Explanations in inquiries merely add length and should be eliminated.” Discuss. (LO3)
3. Discuss why just reporting truthfully may not be a sufficient strategy for handling negative
information in messages answering inquiries. (LO4)
4. Defend a policy of doing more than asked in answering routine inquiries. Can the policy be
carried too far? (LO4)
5. What can acknowledgment messages do to build goodwill? (LO5)
6. Discuss situations where the following email forms of an order acknowledgment would be
preferred: form message and a special message. (LO5)
7. Discuss how problems (vague orders, back orders) should be handled in messages
acknowledging orders. (LO5)
8. Why is it usually advisable to do more than just grant the claim in an adjustment-grant
message? (LO7)
9. Discuss the use of directness in internal-operational communications. Why is it desirable?
Can it be over- done? When might indirectness be appropriate? (LO8)