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M: Business Communication 3rd Edition

978-0073403229 Chapter 4 Teaching Suggestions

April 5, 2019
Part II: Chapter-by-Chapter Lecture Notes &
Chapter 4: Using an Appropriate Style
Teaching Suggestions
This chapter and the next contains a great deal of advice about writing. One foundational point deserves
special emphasis: what counts as a good style or even clear writing depends on the situation. Every
word, sentence, and paragraph needs to be judged in light of the writers goals and the readers’ likely
reactions. That is why we focus on “adaptation” at the start of this chapter.
Illustration and demonstration are essential to students’ understanding of the word-choice advice in this
chapter. The examples on the PowerPoint® slides augment those in the book, and you can add various
examples of your own.
The exercises at the end of the chapter enable students to learn by doing.