Book Title
Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters 7th Edition

STM 39964

July 4, 2017
Nonverbal communication is arbitrary, ambiguous, and abstract.
Low levels of conflict could reflect limited emotional depth between partners or
unwillingness to engage in communication about differences
Describe the four kinds of noise and give examples of each kind of noise.
Write out the textbook definition of interpersonal communication. Using a personal
example, explain the various parts of the definition.
Eric Berne catalogued a number of games that people play. Define the concept of games
as Berne does, describe their characteristics, and provide an example to illustrate this
concept. From what you know about effective communication during conflict and
constructive conflict, discuss two skills, guidelines, or behaviors that can help to
minimize game playing in relationships
Men generally talk more about personal feelings, especially their shortcoming or
Fathers are more likely than mothers to specialize in protecting children and
emotionally reassuring them.
Friends on the job help workers cope with pressures
Define and explain the steps in the rational-emotive approach to feelings. Organize your
essay around a concrete example that allows you to show how each step of the approach
works in practice.
Physical noise is interference in our environments, such as noises made by others,
overly dim or bright lights, spam and pop-up ads, extreme temperatures, and crowded
In some African tribes, death is regarded as a cause to celebrate a person's passage to a
better form of life.
For the most part, we're not conscious of the rules that guide how, when, where, and
with whom we communicate about various things.
Are workplace romances common? If so, what does the book discuss about workplace
Most friendships face the challenge of distance, and many don't survive it
Cultures do not differ in their orientations toward time.
Using a specific example of a time when you misperceived a situation, name and
explain how at least three of the guidelines would have helped you perceive the
situation more accurately
Historian Barbara Rosenwein calls the groups we identify with "emotional
environments" because they teach us how to understand and express emotions.
Compared to previous eras, today there is less bias against same-sex couples, especially
among college students