Book Title
M: Business Communication 3rd Edition

STM 38220

December 8, 2016
Which of the following applies not only to proposals but also to all other types of
A. There is a set pattern that must be followed.
B. The content must be adapted to the reader of the message.
C. The you-viewpoint should be avoided.
D. Initialisms, abbreviations, and contractions are forbidden.
E. Formal language is required.
Which of the following applies to all persuasive messages?
A. They are all received negatively.
B. They are all biased.
C. They are all ethically dubious.
D. They are all permission based.
E. They are all received positively.
Which of the following sentences is the best example of the use of abstract words?
A. He drives a 1950 Buick.
B. She has a good attendance record.
C. Her budget will be approved, provided she reduces her planned operating expenses
by $2000.
D. She will be back in office by Thursday evening.
E. Every day he travels 50 miles to get to work.
The excessive use of positive emphasis can be unethical because it _____.
A. focuses on the self-centered view of the reader
B. focuses on the self-centered view of the writer
C. can cause the reader to overlook an important negative message
D. de-emphasizes the writer's importance
E. leads to different interpretations
Which of the following sentences is most likely to build goodwill in a routine inquiry
A. Your preparation of estimates by June 13 will enable us to choose a contractor by
the end of the month.
B. Thank you in advance for your help. I must have these cost estimates as soon as
C. A prompt reply to the request we have put forward will be highly appreciated.
D. Hoping to hear from you soon.
E. Please respond to our queries at your convenience.
An angry customer calls the public relations department of Neptune Inc. to complain
about a defect in the company's product. This form of communication can be
categorized as _____.
A. internal-operational communication
B. external-operational communication
C. personal communication
D. informal communication
E. grapevine communication
Which of the following is true about collaborative writing projects?
A. At a minimum, the group will consist of ten.
B. A maximum of fifty is a good rule since larger groups tend to lose efficiency.
C. In most business situations, the highest ranking administrator in the group serves as
D. With group writing projects, it is a not a good idea to have one person in charge
overseeing the entire process.
E. The group can generate its own ground rules, but not all members will need to agree.
An important job at the beginning of any unsolicited proposal is to _____.
A. give background information
B. state the dire consequences of ignoring the proposal
C. gain attention
D. present the writer's credentials
E. request acceptance
Communication with an external audience should be undertaken with careful attention
to both content and tone because _____.
A. front-line employees now have a higher level of decision-making power
B. new media are increasing the need for employees with social intelligence
C. external audiences tend to have low literacy
D. such messages can be regarded as public-relations messages, conveying a certain
image of the company
E. communicating with external audiences is far more important than communicating
with internal audiences
Which of the following sentences uses a redundant word?
A. It is a true fact that the company is running a loss.
B. We can finish the report now.
C. Please sign this check.
D. We'll meet again tomorrow at noon.
E. This report is longer than the previous one.
Which of the following is an example of an external proposal?
A. An email from an employee to the CEO about creating an employee volunteer
B. A presentation by the founder of an organization to local business leaders about
ways to attract international talent to the city
C. An email from an employee to his manager stressing the need for additional team
members for a project
D. An email from the HR manager of a technology firm to their finance department
containing the pay structure of new employees
E. A memo from an employee to her manager requesting Six Sigma training
Which of the following is a characteristic of a strong sales message?
A. A vague subject line open to multiple interpretations
B. A heavy use of sensational words
C. Absence of visual elements
D. Seeing the proposed product or service through the reader's point of view
E. Emphasis on the we-viewpoint
In the context of finding employers, _____ are commonly used to place experienced
people in executive positions.
A. job counselors
B. headhunters
C. campus recruiters
D. personal search agents
E. hiring managers
Using present-time viewpoint requires that all the _____.
A. verbs used be in the present tense
B. verbs used be in the past tense
C. verbs used be in the past continuous tense
D. current information be presented in the passive voice
E. information other than the current information be presented in its proper place in the
past or future
Which of the following should be avoided by an applicant when preparing for or
attending an interview?
A. Investigating the company
B. Making a good appearance
C. Not asking the interviewer any questions
D. putting himself or herself at ease
E. Anticipating questions
Which of the following constitutes an internal audience for a business?
A. The company's competitors
B. The company's customers
C. The company's employees
D. The company's suppliers
E. Government officials
Which of the following is considered appropriate to include in your résumé when listing
personal information?
A. Social activities
B. Gender
C. Marital status
D. Race
E. Religion
Which of the following sentences correctly uses the word "farther"?
A. The product needs farther testing.
B. I can't argue any farther.
C. How much farther do you intend to take this matter?
D. How much farther is the conference room from here?
E. I wish the committee had discussed this farther.
Which of the following is the most appropriate phrase to use in a message refusing a
A. We cannot permit…
B. Although we would like to, we cannot permit…
C. For these reasons, what we can do is…
D. We deeply regret to inform you…
E. We are sorry to say that…
Which of the following is true of conversing informally?
A. Talking down to a listener is the best way to command attention when delivering a
B. Speaking in a monotone is more likely to hold a listener's interest for long.
C. All people with effective informal talking skills have the same style.
D. The larger a person's vocabulary, the more word choices he or she has.
E. Variation in the speaking speed tends to irritate and disrupt a listener's concentration.
In giving proper emphasis to the bad news in a favorable response, you should _____.
A. place the bad news in secondary positions
B. avoid using space emphasis
C. make use of the we-viewpoint
D. present the bad news at the beginning of the message
E. present the bad news in the main clause of the message
A report's form and contents should be based on _____ to meet the reader's needs.
A. its cost and format
B. its writing style and topic
C. its formality and length
D. the writer's knowledge and skill level
E. its material and cost
Which of these concluding sentences is most likely to build goodwill in a routine
inquiry message?
A. Thank you in advance for your help. We expect a reply as soon as possible.
B. Please respond to our queries at your convenience.
C. As we must begin production on February 1, I'd appreciate your response by that
D. Thank you for your cooperation in assisting us with our queries.
E. Your early response would be most sincerely appreciated.
Lack of unity in sentences is usually caused by _____.
A. unrelated ideas
B. the use of active verbs
C. the use of active voice
D. the elimination of two-word verbs
E. the elimination of cluttering phrases
_____ are used primarily to present information to persons outside the organization.
A. Informal reports
B. Direct order reports
C. Email reports
D. Letter reports
E. Memo reports
The grapevine of an organization is best defined as _____.
A. a network that follows a set pattern of communication within the organization
B. a network that is highly dependent on the computational skills of the organization's
C. a collection of the simple, well-defined communication streams within an
D. the informal network used by the employees within the organization
E. the network used by the organization to communicate with its core business partners
For writing to be clear and effective, you should _____.
A. avoid using familiar words
B. avoid using active verbs
C. avoid using stiff words
D. use complex words to exhibit your knowledge to your readers
E. use passive voice instead of active voice
During the report-writing process, in order to minimize errors while interpreting your
information you should _____.
A. add color to interpretations to make the report more interesting
B. compare noncomparable data
C. make the facts more exciting than they actually are
D. refrain from collecting representative data
E. refrain from interpreting a lack of evidence as proof to the contrary
Which of the following is an example of internal-operational communication?
A. A letter written by a consumer to the customer care service
B. An advertisement put on a company's website for the general public
C. An order form submitted to an organization's supplier for raw materials
D. A businessperson's posts on Twitter or LinkedIn
E. A memo concerning the production and sales targets for an organization
Which of the following statements has the least level of formality when compared to
the other statements?
A. We have prepared a detailed analysis for the board.
B. Please confirm your attendance by replying to this message.
C. I'll double-check with Susan on the matter and keep you posted.
D. Please ensure that your payment reaches out office by 8 p.m. today.
E. Thank you; we will get back to you within three working days.
Choose the transitional word that best fits the following sentence.
The people at the reunion had not seen each other for ten years. _____, they did not
recognize each other immediately.
A. Otherwise
B. However
C. Moreover
D. Therefore
E. Likewise