Book Title
M: Business Communication 3rd Edition

STM 36843

December 8, 2016
When giving a speech or a formal presentation, which of the following steps involves
determining the contents of the introduction, body, and conclusion?
A. Determining the topic and purpose of the report
B. Preparing the presentation
C. Choosing the presentation method
D. Choosing the means of audience feedback
E. Gathering information for the speech
Which of the following methods of presentation is the most difficult and usually results
in the speaker becoming flustered if he or she misses out a word or two in the
A. An extemporaneous presentation
B. Reading
C. Rehearsing
D. A presentation with visual aids
E. Memorizing
The conventional outlining system uses _____ to show the major headings in a report.
A. irrational numbers
B. whole numbers
C. Arabic numbers
D. rational numbers
E. Roman numerals
Which of the following is an advantage of using Boolean logic?
A. It helps to construct a hypothesis to test a very specific research question.
B. It ensures that the secondary data collected is accurate.
C. It ensures that the primary data collected is accurate.
D. It helps to get relevant Internet-based information.
E. It aids in conducting primary research.
Which of the following is true of progress reports?
A. They typically discuss resolved problems.
B. They do not use the you-viewpoint.
C. They are strictly formal and use third-person narration.
D. They are always intended for internal audiences.
E. They follow no set form. Progress reports follow no set form.
Phrases such as "Do it now" and "Act today" should be used to urge immediate action
because _____.
A. readers prefer the commanding tone of such words
B. they emphasize the we-viewpoint
C. readers expect these words in all sales messages
D. a persuaded reader may otherwise tend to put off a purchase
E. they help readers understand how to make a purchase
Baby Boomers refer to those people who _____.
A. have more than three children
B. were born after the year 1979
C. were brought up in multi-cultural societies
D. oppose population-control strategies
E. were born soon after World War II
Dario Peraza, executive officer at Intium Technologies Inc., has a direct telephone line
where clients can reach him. Which of the following would be an effective way for him
to answer his calls?
A. Hello. Can I assist you?
B. Dario Peraza speaking.
C. How may I assist you?
D. Hello. You have called Intium Technologies. Who are you?
E. Intium Technologies. Dario Peraza speaking. May I help you?
Which of the following is an example of an internal proposal?
A. An employee's email persuading her superior to replace her desktop with a laptop
B. A vendor's email proposing to handle the distribution of a company's products
C. An email from the head of one company to another proposing to share resources on
similar projects
D. An email from a department manager to an auditing firm scheduling an internal
audit for her department
E. An email from the founder of an organization to the general public denying a charge
of fraud
In which of the following situations should one use the direct order in writing a
A. In writing a message that is likely to evoke a neutral response from the reader
B. In writing a message to persuade a client of a business deal of which he/she is not
very convinced
C. In writing a message that is likely to evoke a negative response from the reader
D. In writing a message offering an explanation to stakeholders in times of crisis
E. In writing a message informing a customer about the cancellation of a major order
Which of the following sentences is most positively worded?
A. Jell yogurt has nine grams of fat per serving.
B. Jell yogurt is ninety five percent fat free.
C. Jell yogurt does not contain more than nine grams of fat per serving.
D. Jell yogurt is not fully fat free.
E. Jell yogurt contains five percent fat.
Which of the following statements is a good closing statement for a claim message?
A. You must resolve this problem by May 22.
B. I cannot recommend your services to potential customers after this incident.
C. Please resolve the issue by Monday so that I can ship my products on time.
D. On the basis of my negative experience with your inferior product, I demand a
E. If you do not fix this problem, I will report you to the Better Business Bureau.
Which of the following should be included in the body of a direct claim?
A. A statement that indirectly places the blame on the reader
B. A direct statement accusing the reader of unprofessional behavior
C. A statement with words such as "disappointment" and "complaint" that best reflects
your emotions
D. A paragraph of explanation to help your reader understand your requirements
E. A statement implying that your long-standing business relationship with the
company has now soured
For a feasibility report _____.
A. a writer should consider developing a template macro or merge document
B. a writer does not have a choice regarding the tone to use when presenting the
C. a writer studies several courses of action and then proposes the most desirable one
D. a writer should follow a standardized form
E. a writer should focus on the progress toward a particular goal
The first step in the communication process is to _____.
A. compose a message
B. interpret the message
C. sense the need for communication
D. select a course of action
E. decide on a response
The decimal outlining system uses _____ to show the major sections in a report.
A. Roman numerals
B. Arabic numbers
C. letters of the alphabet
D. whole numbers
E. ratios