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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
The majority of women with children are
A) stay-at-home moms.
B) work-at-home moms.
C) in the work force.
D) earning more than their husbands.
Research on environmental influences on gender typing shows that
A) girls who frequently engage in "gender-inappropriate" activities are likely to be
ignored by other girls even when they engage in "feminine" activities.
B) preschoolers often engage in "gender-inappropriate" activities at home but rarely do
so in the presence of peers.
C) preschoolers play in mixed-gender groups more than they play in same-sex groups.
D) boys who frequently engage in "gender-inappropriate" activities are likely to be
ignored by other boys even when they engage in "masculine" activities.
Bernice and Leo never had children. They married in their thirties, and their efforts at
fertility treatments did not succeed. Bernice and Leo are
A) probably from low-SES backgrounds.
B) involuntarily childless.
C) voluntarily childless.
D) probably self-indulgent.
Baby Luigi retrieves his pacifier, which his mother has hidden behind a pillow. Baby
Luigi has begun to master
A) deferred imitation.
B) object permanence.
C) make-believe play.
D) reflexive schemes.
Which of the following is the most likely to be among an English-speaking toddler's
first 50 words?
A) ball
B) table
C) vase
D) lamp
Using __________, children in a Piagetian classroom are encouraged to spontaneously
interact with the environment.
A) scaffolding
B) information processing
C) dynamic systems
D) discovery learning
Schools can foster students' opportunities to experience and explore moral emotions,
thoughts, and actions through
A) social experiments.
B) civic engagement.
C) religious education.
D) reward and punishment programs.
Neuroticism __________ from the teenage years through middle age.
A) increases slightly
B) decreases slightly
C) declines
D) rises
After being gently scolded for taking a toy away from his cousin, 20-month-old Rainer
lowers his eyes, hangs his head, and hides his face with his hands. Rainer is expressing
A) envy.
B) shame.
C) pride.
D) empathy.
Children with autism
A) have narrow and overly intense interests.
B) tend to be mathematically skilled.
C) engage in more make-believe play than typically developing children.
D) are advanced in false-belief understanding.
According to the concept of gene"environment interaction,
A) people respond similarly to the same qualities of the environment.
B) people have unique, genetically influenced reactions to particular experiences.
C) people with different gene"environment combinations never respond similarly.
D) heredity restricts the development of some characteristics to just one or a few
__________ improves both school achievement and social acceptance of rejected
A) Intensive academic tutoring
B) Cooperative play
C) Training in perspective taking
D) Training in personal defense
A major disadvantage of cross-sectional research is that
A) age-related changes cannot be examined.
B) participants often drop out before the study is over.
C) factors affecting individual development cannot be explored.
D) practice effects often cause biased findings.
Few U.S. doctors are specially trained in
A) handling patients with AIDS.
B) managing pain in chronically ill and dying people.
C) gerontology.
D) thanatology.
The V-Chip (or Violence-Chip)
A) violates the First Amendment right to free speech.
B) remains optional for new television sets in the United States.
C) allows parents to block undesired TV programming.
D) identifies violent programs and replaces them with educational shows.
Except for __________, prenatal diagnosis should not be used routinely because these
methods have some chance of injuring the developing organism.
A) amniocentesis
B) fetoscopy
C) chorionic villus sampling
D) maternal blood analysis
Priya was born with a deficiency of thyroxine. She did not receive prompt treatment.
Priya is most likely
A) extremely tall for her age.
B) mentally retarded.
C) inattentive and unruly.
D) strong in spatial relationship skills.
Research suggests that training and on-the-job career counseling are
A) designed and best suited for younger employees.
B) not important to most middle-aged employees.
C) less available to middle-aged employees.
D) most often attended by older employees on a volunteer basis.
Poverty among lone aging women is deeper in the United States than in other Western
nations because
A) U.S. women live longer than women in other Western nations.
B) women in other Western nations start out wealthier.
C) widowed women in the United States are more likely to live in federally subsidized
residential units.
D) of less generous government-sponsored income and health benefits.
Effortful control
A) involves judgments we make about our own worth.
B) consists of our attributes, abilities, and personal values.
C) continues to be vital in managing emotion during early childhood.
D) does not emerge until the late elementary school years.
Walter states that the thought of never feeling anything again after he dies upsets him.
Walter is experiencing
A) morbidity.
B) mortality.
C) isolation.
D) death anxiety.
Today, retirement
A) is highly streamlined and similar for workers in all occupations.
B) usually means moving from full-time work to full-time leisure.
C) is not a single event but rather a dynamic process with multiple transitions.
D) is more affordable than ever for workers in all occupations.
Androgyny in adulthood is associated with
A) decreased self-acceptance and autonomy.
B) greater environmental mastery and neuroticism.
C) advanced moral reasoning and psychosocial maturity.
D) more life regrets and fewer possible selves.
To examine whether depression is stable or changes with age, Dr. Bleu followed a
group of participants from age 8 to age 40. This is an example of a __________ design.
A) cross-sectional
B) sequential
C) correlational
D) longitudinal
Which of the following women is the most likely to report negative physical and
emotional symptoms of menopause?
A) Jennifer, a North American woman
B) Aiko, a Japanese woman
C) Eme, a Mayan woman
D) Sophie, a rural Greek woman
David's wife, Esther, recently died. If David is like most recently widowed older adults,
his greatest problem is most likely
A) profound loneliness.
B) financial instability.
C) anxiousness.
D) declining health.
In social-constructivist classrooms,
A) students are encouraged to construct their own knowledge through independent
learning activities.
B) the teacher is the sole authority for knowledge and decision making.
C) peer collaboration is often replaced by teacher-directed instruction.
D) students' learning is jointly constructed with the teacher and peers.
Lyle and Nora are in their seventies. They own their own home. If they are typical of
Western seniors in their relationship with their adult children, they will most likely
A) accept emotional support and a high level of practical assistance from their children.
B) seek their children's assistance for daily living activities, but be hesitant to ask for it
when there is a pressing need.
C) give more than they receive, in financial support and in practical assistance.
D) accept emotional and financial support from their children.
Most homeless families consist of
A) childless couples.
B) single fathers with adolescent children.
C) single mothers with adolescent children.
D) women with children under age 5.
Lisa, age 27, is unhappy because she lacks the gratifying friendships she once had
during college and she does not have an intimate partner. Lisa is experiencing
A) loneliness.
B) a glass ceiling.
C) an identity crisis.
D) a split dream.

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