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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
In the Strange Situation, Philip seeks closeness to his mother and fails to explore. When
his mother leaves, Philip is distressed, and on her return he hits her. Philip is displaying
characteristics of __________ attachment.
A) secure
B) avoidant
C) resistant
D) disorganized/disoriented
Having friends with depressive symptoms
A) helps teens develop empathy.
B) increases teenagers' capacity for interdependence and compromise.
C) is linked to a rise in teenagers' own depressive symptoms.
D) increases the likelihood of dating violence and risky sexual behavior.
Mastery of __________ increases the efficiency of children's counting.
A) ordinality
B) cardinality
C) computation
D) false belief
During childhood and adolescence, perceived __________ correlates more strongly
with overall self-worth than any other self-esteem factor.
A) athletic competence
B) academic competence
C) physical appearance
D) social competence
Leaving home very early is associated with
A) a high level of education.
B) a successful married life.
C) a high level of social support.
D) job seeking rather than education.
The baby boomers are approaching late life with the conviction that their old age will
not begin until
A) 65.
B) 70.
C) 75.
D) 80.
Which of the following statements about the sexual behavior of U.S. adolescents is
A) Boys tend to have their first intercourse earlier than girls.
B) Few young adolescents are sexually active.
C) At the end of high school, boys report higher rates of having had sexual intercourse
than girls.
D) U.S. youths become sexually active later than their Canadian and European
With regard to questions used to elicit children's autobiographical narratives,
preschoolers who experience the __________ style recall __________ information
about past events.
A) repetitive; more
B) elaborative; less
C) metacognitive; less
D) elaborative; more
Which of the following statements about gender differences in negative life changes is
A) In very old age, negative life changes are greater for men than for women.
B) Social relations, even in very old age, are more often a source of stress for men than
for women.
C) Women of advanced age tend to report a lower sense of psychological well-being
than do men.
D) Men of advanced age tend to report a lower sense of psychological well-being than
do women.
Never-married older women report a level of well-being equivalent to that of
A) divorcees.
B) married older adults.
C) never-married older men.
D) recently widowed seniors.
Sleep-deprived adolecents
A) perform better on cognitive tasks in the morning hours.
B) are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.
C) are less likely to engage in high-risk behaviors.
D) display increases in executive function.
In __________ experiments, investigators capitalize on opportunities to assign
participants randomly to treatment conditions in natural settings.
A) field
B) natural
C) structured
D) laboratory
Describe the recessive disorder, phenylketonuria. Explain how it occurs and how it is
At Kohlberg's Stage 2 of moral development, children
A) want to maintain the affection and approval of friends and relatives by being a "good
B) typically mention such principles as respect for the worth and dignity of each person.
C) take societal laws into account when making moral choices.
D) view right action as flowing from self-interest and understand reciprocity as equal
exchange of favors.
Which of the following statements about research findings regarding the midlife crisis
is true?
A) Vaillant saw many examples of midlife crisis, especially in men.
B) Levinson's work showed little evidence of a midlife crisis.
C) Vaillant's work indicated a slow and steady change, rather than a crisis.
D) Evidence strongly supports the view of middle age as a turbulent time.
When 4-year-old Katherine throws a beanbag, her dad comments, "You stood still as
you were throwing. Now try taking a step toward me as you throw." Assuming
Katherine's dad regularly gives this sort of feedback, which of the following statements
is most likely true?
A) Katherine is likely to show great shame after a failure.
B) Katherine is likely to show extreme pride after a success.
C) Katherine is likely to experience a low level of pride after a success.
D) Katherine is likely to show moderate levels of shame and pride and greater
persistence on difficult tasks.
In the female, meiosis results in
A) just one ovum.
B) two ova.
C) three ova.
D) four ova.
Research has shown that parents promote gender stereotypes by
A) more often attributing girls' failures to insufficient effort and boys' failures to ability.
B) harshly punishing children for gender-atypical behavior.
C) praising girls for knowledge and boys for obedience.
D) behaving in a more mastery-oriented fashion with sons than with daughters.
A strong cardiovascular response, interference with immune system functioning, and
reduced digestive activity are all symptoms of
A) hypertension.
B) alcoholism.
C) psychological stress.
D) genetically programmed aging.
Four-month-old Max is easily upset by new sights and sounds. According to Kagan's
research, Max probably has __________ and __________ than a social baby when
faced with novelty.
A) a higher heart rate; a lower cortisol level
B) a lower heart rate; a higher cortisol level
C) a higher heart rate; a higher cortisol level
D) lower blood pressure; greater pupil dilation
Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez want to foster a positive, secure self-image in their son. Which
of the following would you suggest?
A) Make decisions for him when he appears hesitant, in order to model good
decision-making strategies.
B) Continuously compliment his performance, even when it is less than satisfactory.
C) Encourage him to strive for worthwhile goals because his eventual achievement will
foster his self-esteem.
D) Start with high expectations, but be flexible and willing to accept lower achievement
levels if he cannot achieve the original goals.
Which of the following is supported by research on sibling rivalry?
A) Destructive sibling conflict in middle childhood is associated with negative
outcomes, including later substance use and delinquency.
B) Sibling rivalry is greater between brothers and sisters than among same-sex siblings.
C) During the middle childhood years, sibling rivalry tends to decrease.
D) Sibling rivalry often increases when siblings intentionally strive to be different from
one another.
Which of the following statements about the consequences of obesity is true?
A) Obese boys are viewed more negatively by adults and peers than obese girls.
B) In most cases, obese children slim down by adolescence.
C) Obese children are stereotyped as lazy, self-doubting, and deceitful.
D) Due to growing public awareness, childhood obesity in the U.S. has declined by 30
percent in the last decade.
__________ leads the globe in overweight and obesity.
A) China
B) The United States
C) Germany
D) American Samoa
Social Security and Medicare consume _____ percent of the U.S. federal budget for the
A) 26
B) 51
C) 76
D) 96
Kia, age 14, uses hypothetico-deductive reasoning. Therefore, she probably
A) makes predictions about variables that might affect an outcome and then deduces
logical, testable inferences from that hypothesis.
B) starts with what she knows, conducts observations, and revises her approach to
problem solving.
C) cannot yet think of alternatives when her predictions about an outcome are not
D) is strongly motivated to identify and experiment with new memory strategies,
although she may not yet use new strategies effectively.
Which of the following statements about gender differences in death anxiety is true?
A) In both Eastern and Western cultures, women appear more anxious about death than
men do.
B) Men are more likely than women to admit troubled feelings about mortality.
C) Women are more likely than men to admit troubled feelings about mortality.
D) Men are more likely than women to develop a sense of symbolic immortality.
Having __________ is an especially strong predictor of mental health among the
A) grandchildren
B) sisters
C) friends
D) brothers
Studies of friendship during middle childhood show that
A) by age 8 or 9, most children name only a handful of good friends.
B) friendships are highly unstable over the elementary and middle school years.
C) school-age children's friendships are less selective than those of preschoolers.
D) friendships are largely based on engaging in similar activities.
The __________ adds to the soft lines and shape of the skin.
A) epidermis
B) protodermis
C) dermis
D) hypodermis
In an evaluation of its effectiveness, Healthy Families home visitation alone reduced
only neglect, not abuse. But adding __________ dramatically increased its impact.
A) access to quality health care
B) a cognitive component
C) clean and noncrowded living conditions
D) low-cost, high-quality child care
Research shows that declines in well-being following divorce are greatest for
A) noncustodial fathers.
B) mothers of young children.
C) mothers of children in middle childhood.
D) mothers of teens.
Despite their higher achievement, __________ often blame poor performance on
A) girls; lack of ability
B) boys; lack of ability
C) girls; poor effort
D) boys; good luck

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