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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
Until age 70 or 80,
A) insomnia affects few older adults.
B) men experience more sleep disturbances than women.
C) women go to bed and wake up earlier than men.
D) women are more prone to sleep apnea than men.
Educators who advocate a whole-language approach argue that
A) from the beginning, children should be exposed to text in its complete form so that
they can appreciate the communicative function of written language.
B) before exposing them to written text, children should be coached on the basic rules
for translating written symbols into sounds.
C) reading aloud in the classroom helps children acquire effective reading strategies and
enhances comprehension.
D) young children should be given simplified text materials to facilitate beginning
Ceremonies that commemorate death
A) are strikingly different in various cultures.
B) help mourners achieve control and avoid expressing their grief.
C) are highly similar across cultures.
D) are traditionally held three days after death.
Which of the following statements exemplifies 15-year-old Noah's awareness that
psychological qualities can vary from one situation to the next?
A) "I am honest."
B) "I have a fairly quick temper."
C) "I am not smart."
D) "I am a good athlete."
Generally, human __________ come in 23 matching pairs.
A) chromosomes
B) phenotypes
C) cells
D) genotypes
Sue is soft-hearted, trusting, generous, acquiescent, lenient, and good-natured. She is
high on which of the following "big five" personality traits?
A) neuroticism
B) extroversion
C) openness to experience
D) agreeableness
Older adults who have trouble sleeping can reduce their difficulties by
A) using the bedroom only for sleep.
B) taking sleeping pills on a regular basis.
C) taking frequent short naps during the day.
D) cutting back on exercise.
Individuals at Kohlberg's __________ level move beyond unquestioning support for
their own society's rules and laws.
A) preconventional
B) conventional
C) postconventional
D) social-order-maintaining
Which of the following statements about the prevention and treatment of suicide is
A) It is nearly impossible to prevent adolescent suicide, as teenagers rarely exhibit
warning signs around adults.
B) Research shows that gun-control legislation that restricts the availability of handguns
and other firearms to adolescents has little impact on suicide rates.
C) Restraint by journalists in the media in publicizing teenage suicides aids prevention.
D) Parents should not be concerned about teenagers' commenting, "I wish I were dead,"
because adolescents are overly dramatic.
Sophia has an IQ of 85. She performed as well or better than _____ percent of her
A) 16
B) 36
C) 50
D) 85
John has an eye condition. Its name literally means "old eyes." John has
A) glaucoma.
B) presbycusis.
C) macular degeneration.
D) presbyopia.
Childlessness seems to interfere with adjustment and life satisfaction
A) in low-SES but not high-SES couples.
B) only when it is beyond a person's control.
C) among the highly educated.
D) in women but not men.
An important feature of good communication in a romantic relationship is
A) passionate love.
B) constructive criticism.
C) constructive conflict resolution.
D) quiet reflection.
Most older adults
A) disengage from society after age 75.
B) do not disengage from society.
C) increase the number of social contacts over the years.
D) retreat from interaction and become introverted.
__________ can cause telomeres to lengthen.
A) Cigarette smoking
B) Telomerase
C) Physical inactivity
D) Obesity
The IQs of 96 percent of individuals fall between _____ and _____.
A) 60; 100
B) 70; 130
C) 85; 110
D) 100; 140
For exploring the environment, humans depend on __________ more than any other
A) touch
B) hearing
C) vision
D) taste
The male produces an average of __________ sperm a day, yet only __________ reach
the ovum.
A) 300 to 500; 1 to 10
B) 1 million; 10 to 50
C) 1 million; 300 to 500
D) 300 million; 300 to 500
Nonnormative influences
A) are typical or average.
B) affect large numbers of people in a similar way.
C) do not follow a predictable timetable.
D) include age-graded and history-graded influences.
Which of the following individuals is the most likely to establish early residential
A) Mark, who is attending a local community college
B) Mindy, who works part-time and is engaged
C) Gretchen, whose parents are divorced and combative
D) Garland, whose parents have been married for 25 years
Mr. Ponyo had a series of strokes that left areas of dead brain cells, causing step-by-step
degeneration of his mental ability. Mr. Ponyo is experiencing
A) familial Alzheimer's disease.
B) sporadic Alzheimer's disease.
C) Parkinson's disease.
D) cerebrovascular dementia.
Expressions of __________ are less frequent than __________.
A) sadness; anger
B) fear; sadness
C) happiness; sadness
D) happiness; anger
Which of the following statements about moral development is true?
A) In middle childhood, children typically say truth telling is always good and lying is
always bad.
B) In middle childhood, children primarily rely on reinforcement to acquire morally
relevant behaviors.
C) By middle childhood, children have had time to internalize rules for good conduct,
which leads them to become considerably more independent and trustworthy.
D) While school-age children think about right and wrong, they usually copy their
morality from others.
Rodlike structures called __________ store and transmit genetic information.
A) phenotypes
B) chromosomes
C) genotypes
D) genes
Older adults
A) are more likely than younger people to respond to conflict with yelling and arguing.
B) are less likely than younger people to use constructive strategies in response to
C) apply their emotional expertise to promote harmony.
D) report more problematic relationships than younger people.
Recent evidence suggests that paternal alcohol use around the time of conception
A) can cause fetal alcohol syndrome.
B) has no negative effect on the developing organism.
C) can cause alcohol-related neurodevelopment disorder.
D) can alter gene expression.
Which of the following statements about sexual coercion is true?
A) Less than 20 percent of U.S. women have experienced sexual aggression.
B) Men who engage in sexual assault are usually from low-SES backgrounds.
C) People of all SES and ethnic groups are offenders and victims.
D) Men who engage in sexual assault tend to believe in nontraditional gender roles.
Suzanne viewed life as fluid. She expected change and accepted it as inevitable. When
Suzanne was faced with a problem, she identified it and decided what to do about it.
Suzanne used a(n) __________ coping strategy.
A) problem-centered
B) emotion-centered
C) relaxation-centered
D) holistic
Following her divorce, 48-year-old Donna reevaluated what she considered important
in a healthy relationship. She most likely places
A) greater weight on passionate love.
B) greater weight on equal friendship.
C) less emphasis on communication.
D) more emphasis on financial security.
An understanding of death is based in part on the concept of __________, in which all
living functions cease at death.
A) permanence
B) inevitability
C) cessation
D) applicability
In Jean's preschool classroom, teachers guide children's learning, tailoring their
interventions to each child's zone of proximal development. This classroom emphasizes
the Vygotskian principle of
A) discovery learning.
B) assisted discovery.
C) active participation.
D) acceptance of individual differences.

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