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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
Many studies show that
A) a whole-language approach is the best method for teaching beginning reading.
B) children do not benefit from reading strategies until they have fully mastered
C) fluent readers tend to use ineffective reading strategies and have difficulty with
D) combining phonics with whole language is the best approach for teaching beginning
After attending the funeral of a distant relative, 3-year-old Marcus held funerals for his
"dead truck," "dead whistle," and "dead balloon." Marcus is having trouble
understanding the death concept of
A) inevitability.
B) cessation.
C) applicability.
D) causation.
The first outward sign of puberty is
A) steady improvement in gross-motor performance.
B) the rapid gain in height and weight known as the growth spurt.
C) changes in physical features related to sexual functioning.
D) extreme moodiness, particularly toward adults.
Which of the following adults in the most likely to be obese?
A) Jenn, a Caucasian-American
B) Jasmine, a Hispanic-American
C) Victoria, a Native-American
D) Veronica, an African-American
Older adults __________ than do younger people.
A) resolve tip-of-the-tongues at a higher rate
B) show a lower frequency of tip-of-the-tongue states
C) speak with fewer sentence fragments and hesitations
D) use more complex grammatical structures
Interventions that support parents of preterm infants
A) generally teach them about the infant's characteristics and promote caregiving skills.
B) are costly and ineffective.
C) are rare in the United States.
D) are primarily offered to low-SES parents.
Which of the following statements about crime against older adults is true?
A) Older adults are less often targets of crime, especially violent crime, than other age
B) In urban areas, purse snatching and pickpocketing are more often committed against
younger adults than against seniors.
C) The media tends to downplay crime against older adults, leading most to believe that
crime is rarely perpetrated against seniors.
D) The presence of Neighborhood Watch and other similar programs actually increases
the incidence of crime against older adults.
When Henry is asked to judge the baking contest, he evaluates the boys more positively
than the girls. This is an example of
A) same-sex selection.
B) in-group favoritism.
C) gender selection.
D) gender typing.
Contemporary men and women
A) have fewer sexual partners over their lifetimes than a generation ago.
B) differ little in average number of lifetime sexual partners.
C) differ significantly in average number of lifetime sexual partners.
D) have sex less often than those of a generation ago.
__________ contribute greatly to emotional and social development and are rarely
contests of individual ability.
A) Child-invented games
B) Organized sports
C) Community athletics
D) Physical education classes
Which of the following statements about children's temperament and sex differences in
adjustment to parental divorce is true?
A) Easy children are more often targets of parental anger and also cope less effectively
with adversity.
B) In mother-custody family arrangements, girls are at greater risk than boys for serious
adjustment problems.
C) Coercive maternal behavior and defiance by sons are common in divorcing
D) Girls receive less emotional support than boys from teachers and peers.
Four-year-old Tristan experiences negative emotion intensely. He is more likely than
other children to
A) talk to himself to adjust his emotional arousal.
B) react with anger or aggression when he is frustrated.
C) try to blunt his emotions by restricting sensory input.
D) ask for adult help when he becomes frustrated.
Some studies on zero tolerance policies show that they
A) drastically reduce antisocial behavior, both in and out of school.
B) have only been implemented in about 20 percent of U.S. schools.
C) primarily focus on severe acts of disruptive and threatening behavior.
D) heighten school dropout and antisocial behaviors.
The United States is strongly __________, whereas most Western European countries
lean toward __________.
A) collectivist; individualism
B) individualistic; independence
C) collectivist; interdependence
D) individualistic; collectivism
In most tribal and village societies,
A) adolescence is extended into three phases: early, middle, and late adolescence.
B) young people face postponement of sexual gratification while they prepare for a
productive work life.
C) adolescence is only a brief intervening phase between childhood and full assumption
of adult roles.
D) adolescence is extended because young people face prolonged dependence on
Which of the following statements about prevention and treatment of elder suicide is
A) Warning signs of suicide in late adulthood rarely include efforts to put personal
affairs in order.
B) Unlike younger adults, depressed older adults do not generally experience sleep and
appetite changes.
C) Caregivers must watch for indirect self-destructive acts, such as refusing food or
medical treatment.
D) Older suicide victims are less likely to have visited their doctors within a month of
taking their lives.
Which of the following statements about racial integration in U.S. schools today is true?
A) African-American children are just as likely to attend a school that serves a mostly
black population as they were in the 1960s.
B) Hispanic children are more racially integrated than African-American children in
U.S. schools.
C) The racial divide in American public schools is gradually improving.
D) Federal and state grants-in-aid have been sufficient in closing the funding gap
between rich and poor districts.
Which of the following statements is consistent with the parental imperative theory?
A) Gender role identity is maintained during active parenting years to help ensure
survival of the children.
B) Androgyny is maintained during active parenting years to help ensure survival of the
C) Both mothers and fathers become more masculine as their children reach adulthood.
D) Both mothers and fathers become more feminine as their children reach adulthood.
Dr. Dias's research shows that the death of a spouse in old age is correlated with a
decline in the surviving partner's physical health. Which of the following conclusions is
supported by this study?
A) The death of a spouse causes a decline in the surviving partner's physical health.
B) The death of a spouse is related to a decline in the surviving partner's physical
C) A decline in a surviving partner's physical health can cause the death of a spouse.
D) A third variable, such as memory loss, causes a surviving partner's decline in
physical health following the death of a spouse.
Ecological systems theory views the person as
A) a blossoming flower, and it regards development as a maturational process.
B) developing within a complex system of relationships affected by multiple levels of
the surrounding environment.
C) a social being influenced primarily by observational learning or adult modeling.
D) a computer-like system that actively codes, transforms, and organizes information.
Which of the following statements about adolescent moodiness is true?
A) Adolescents rate their moods more positively in adult-structured settings.
B) Younger adolescents' mood swings are strongly related to situational changes.
C) Teenagers' emotional highs coincide with weekend evenings spent at home.
D) Teenagers' emotional lows coincide with self-chosen leisure activities.
Middle-aged adults tend to be rational decision makers because they
A) use practical problem-solving strategies.
B) make decisions based on emotion.
C) select attractive-looking options.
D) consult with other people.
After age __________, both majority and minority children express in-group
A) 5 to 6
B) 7 to 8
C) 9 to 10
D) 11 to 12
Which of the following statements about perceptions of intimate relationships in
Eastern cultures is true?
A) Trying to satisfy dependency needs through an intimate bond is regarded as
B) Mature intimate relationships are based on autonomy and intense emotion.
C) Young people today do not consider love to be a prerequisite for marriage.
D) In choosing a mate, young people are expected to consider obligations to others.
By age 7 or 8, children
A) consider prosocial and antisocial intentions for truthfulness.
B) begin to copy their morality from others.
C) say truth telling is always good.
D) say lying is always bad.
Maddy spends most of her time with a particular set of girlfriends. Within this group,
there are specific standards of behavior, a specialized dress code, and identified leaders.
Maddy is most likely
A) a controversial child.
B) a popular-prosocial child.
C) part of a peer group.
D) part of a social clique.
Which of the following statements about late-life friendships is true?
A) Friendships decrease in importance in late adulthood.
B) Older adults report more favorable experiences with friends than with family
C) Late-life friendships rely little on spontaneity and common interests.
D) Friends rarely open up new experiences in late adulthood.
During adolescence, sibling
A) relationships often become less intense, in both positive and negative feelings.
B) relationships often become more intense, in both positive and negative feelings.
C) rivalry peaks, often causing significant family conflict.
D) relationships are more intense in negative feelings and less intense in positive
In several studies, affluent teenagers were __________ likely than low-SES youths to
A) less; engage in alcohol and drug use
B) more; report high levels of anxiety and depression
C) less; self-medicate
D) more; have physically and emotionally available parents
A large, nationally representative sample of U.S. working adults showed that employees
with several time-flexible options
A) missed fewer days of work.
B) more often arrived at work late.
C) more often left work early.
D) felt less committed to their employer.
Babies' earliest categories are
A) conceptual.
B) based on similar overall appearance or prominent object part.
C) based on common behaviors.
D) based on subtle sets of features.
Marlon, an extraverted 75-year-old, reminisces about his wife, who passed away when
Marlon was 65. He enjoys reliving his relationship with his wife. Marlon engages in
__________ reminiscence.
A) self-focused
B) other-focused
C) knowledge-based
D) childhood-based

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