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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
Vygotsky challenged Piaget's conclusion that
A) toddlers discover make-believe play independently, once they are capable of
representational schemes.
B) society provides children with opportunities to represent culturally meaningful
activities in play.
C) make-believe is first learned under the guidance of experts.
D) almost all play episodes are initiated by mothers.
Compared to men, the coordination of identity and intimacy __________ for women.
A) is easier
B) is more complex
C) occurs earlier
D) occurs later
By the end of high school, _____ percent of U.S. young people have tried at least one
highly addictive and toxic substance.
A) 15
B) 25
C) 35
D) 50
During the __________ month of pregnancy, the embryo responds to touch.
A) second
B) third
C) fifth
D) seventh
Which of the following high schools is the most likely to help its students adjust to the
school transition?
A) North High, which emphasizes good grades over mastery
B) East High, which provides homerooms for students
C) West High, which assigns students to all classes, providing no decision making or
D) South High, which has large freshmen classrooms of 40 or more students
Which of the following statements about attitudes regarding marriage in the United
States today is true?
A) A majority of American adults agree that marriage is becoming obsolete.
B) More than half of high-SES emerging adults say they never want to get married.
C) Irrespective of SES and ethnicity, most U.S. 18- to 23-year-olds say they want to
marry and have children.
D) Marriage is not a central life goal for more than two-thirds of low-SES emerging
Caregivers who view play as mere entertainment are __________ likely to
A) more; provide props than those who value its cognitive benefits
B) more; have children who have rich imaginations than those who view play as
developmentally beneficial
C) more; encourage associative play than to encourage parallel play
D) less; encourage pretend play than those who value its cognitive and social benefits
Because a child's biologically influenced dispositions join with environmental forces to
mold development, Urie Bronfenbrenner characterized his perspective as a(n)
__________ model.
A) sociocultural
B) stagewise
C) bioecological
D) evolutionary
Boys account for about __________ percent of cases of anorexia.
A) 3 to 5
B) 6 to 9
C) 10 to 15
D) 20 to 25
Newborn Sam's poorly coordinated swipes or swings toward an object in front of him is
A) the pincer grasp.
B) the ulnar grasp.
C) prereaching.
D) voluntary reaching.
Yolanda and Steve want their son, Manny, to attain full proficiency in English and
Spanish. To achieve this goal, Manny's mastery of the second language should begin
A) in early adulthood.
B) in early adolescence.
C) in late adolescence.
D) sometime in childhood.
Researchers today believe that make-believe play
A) is not nearly as important as Piaget thought.
B) not only reflects but also contributes to children's cognitive and social skills.
C) is less important than drawing or building with blocks.
D) is mere practice of representational schemes.
Which of the following is most helpful in keeping potential dropouts in school?
A) remedial instruction in small classes
B) using standardized testing instead of grades to determine who graduates
C) requiring extracurricular involvement
D) putting students in larger classes
Which of the following statements about the factors related to depression is true?
A) Heredity plays only a minor role in depression.
B) Genes can induce depression by affecting the balance of neurotransmitters in the
C) Biological changes associated with puberty explain why girls are more prone to
depression than boys.
D) Late-maturing girls are especially prone to depression.
The Shigoka family celebrated Haru's sixtieth birthday with a surprise party that
recognized his senior place in the family and society. This ritual is called
A) kanreki.
B) isumataq.
C) quincinero.
D) gulabjamen.
The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding until age __________, with
solid foods added at __________.
A) 6 months; 4 months
B) 1 year; 4 months
C) 1 year; 6 months
D) 2 years; 6 months
Which of the following is an example of a fine-motor skill?
A) grasping
B) crawling
C) walking
D) standing
Toby moved with his family just before he entered fourth grade. In ecological systems
theory, the move represents a change in Toby's
A) microsystem.
B) mesosystem.
C) exosystem.
D) chronosystem.
Observation of which of the following children is the most likely to provide a
researcher with the most accurate long-term prediction of temperament?
A) Quinn, a newborn
B) Ava, age 12 months
C) Samantha, age 18 months
D) Tyson, age 3
On intelligence tests, spatial relations, digit span, and letter"number sequencing items
measure __________ intelligence.
A) fluid
B) naturalistic
C) crystallized
D) kinesthetic
In sequential designs, researchers study
A) the same group of participants repeatedly at different ages.
B) groups of participants differing in age at the same point in time.
C) participants over the same ages but in different years.
D) participants of the same age at the same point in time.
Children and adults with __________ are more likely to hold racial and ethnic
A) very low self-esteem
B) very high self-esteem
C) high interracial contact
D) ethnically diverse families
Empathy-based guilt reactions
A) interfere with moral development.
B) are the only force that compels children to act morally.
C) are associated with engaging in future prosocial behavior.
D) are only influential in early childhood.
Which of the following statements about telegraphic speech is true?
A) It usually copies adult word pairings.
B) It usually focuses on smaller, low-content words.
C) It often violates grammatical rules.
D) It emerges once the child has learned a dozen or so words.
Levinson found that during the transition to early adulthood, most young people
A) settled down by focusing on certain relationships and aspirations.
B) constructed an image of themselves in the adult world that guided their decision
C) reached career maturity and took on more authority in the community.
D) became "keepers of meaning," or guardians of their culture.
Many gay men and lesbians first sensed their biologically determined sexual orientation
between ages __________, when they discovered __________.
A) 3 and 6; a preference for their same-sex parent
B) 6 and 12; a preference for quiet activities and hobbies
C) 6 and 12; their play interests were more like those of the other gender
D) 12 and 16; strong attractions to members of the same sex
According to research on blended families, which of the following children is the most
likely to have adjustment problems when his or her mother remarries?
A) Alan, a 4-year-old boy
B) Suzanne, a 6-year-old girl
C) Jay, a 10-year-old boy
D) Selma, a 15-year-old girl
Which of the following statements is supported by research on group differences in IQ?
A) On average, Hispanic children score slightly lower than African-American children
on measures of IQ.
B) Heredity is largely responsible for individual, ethnic, and SES variations in
C) Differences in SES do not fully explain the IQ gap between black and white
American children.
D) Differences in SES are primarily responsible for the IQ gap between black and white
American children.
A few minutes in time out can be enough to change behavior and also allows parents
A) time to discuss alternative punishments.
B) to use positive discipline.
C) to use induction.
D) time to cool off.
Through conversations with adults, most older children have trouble comprehending the
death concept of
A) permanence.
B) inevitability.
C) cessation.
D) applicability.
Of all motor skills, __________ may play the greatest role in infant cognitive
A) rolling over
B) reaching
C) crawling
D) walking
A recent study showed that music vigils for dying patients result in
A) increased wakefulness.
B) more effortful breathing.
C) reduced anxiety.
D) increased stimulation in the hippocampus.

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