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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
Compared to shorter-term friendships,
A) male friends become more competitive in long-lasting friendships.
B) long-lasting friendships generally occur among unmarried men.
C) long-lasting male friends disclose more personal information to one another.
D) long-lasting male friends engage in joint activities, but limit personal disclosure.
According to Piaget, specific psychological structures called __________ are organized
ways of making sense of experience.
A) schemes
B) adaptations
C) assimilations
D) circular reactions
During the preschool years, high self-esteem
A) is self-defeating because children cannot yet adequately complete many tasks.
B) is rare because task-failure is common.
C) can lead to an exaggerated sense of self-importance in adulthood.
D) greatly contributes to children's initiative during a period in which they must master
many new skills.
Besides self-awareness, self-conscious emotions require
A) adult instruction in when to feel proud, ashamed, or guilty.
B) use of emotional self-regulatory strategies.
C) adult instruction in when to feel happy, angry, or sad.
D) use of social comparisons.
Most researchers today believe that adolescent development is
A) biologically determined.
B) socially determined.
C) influenced by biological, psychological, and social forces.
D) abrupt and stagelike.
Which of the following exercise formats is usually the most successful option for adults
with highly stressful lives?
A) an individual gym membership
B) a home-based routine planned by a consultant
C) a group class
D) day-to-day modifications, such as taking the stairs instead of an elevator
A researcher asks Timmy, a fourth grader, and Thom, a tenth grader, whether it is OK to
exclude a child from a peer group on the basis of gender. Which of the following
responses is the researcher most likely to hear?
A) Thom will say that the exclusion is always unfair.
B) Timmy will say that the exclusion is always OK.
C) Thom will say that the exclusion is OK under certain circumstances.
D) Timmy will say that the exclusion is OK under certain circumstances.
Bereavement is
A) the response to the loss of a loved one.
B) the experience of losing a loved one by death.
C) the culturally specified expression of thoughts and feelings after a death.
D) intense physical and psychological distress.
With __________, a woman is given hormones that stimulate the ripening of several
ova. These are removed surgically and placed in a dish of nutrients, to which sperm are
A) donor insemination
B) in vitro fertilization
C) surrogacy
D) genetic engineering
__________ can explain the permanence and cessation aspects of death, but they are
attracted to alternatives.
A) Preschoolers
B) Elementary school children
C) Teenagers
D) Older adults
At age 65 and older, the death rate from unintentional injuries is
A) at an all-time low.
B) about half as great as in adolescence.
C) about the same as in middle adulthood.
D) at an all-time high.
As Alzheimer's disease progresses,
A) skilled and purposeful movements disintegrate.
B) vision and hearing are adversely affected.
C) anxiety and depression decrease.
D) digestion slows.
During mitosis,
A) each new body cell contains unique genetic information.
B) cells divide in half to form the fertilized ovum.
C) the chromosomes copy themselves.
D) each new body cell contains 23 chromosomes.
Piaget believed that __________ leads to internal images of experience, which children
then label with words.
A) imagination
B) intentional behavior
C) sensorimotor activity
D) role playing
Maggi is concerned because her 8-month-old daughter has gained 10 pounds since birth
and has transformed into a round, plump baby. You can assure Maggi that her daughter's
rise in "baby fat."
A) insulates her brittle bones until proper cartilage is formed.
B) is a trend that will continue into middle childhood.
C) serves to strengthen her muscles.
D) helps her maintain a constant body temperature.
Thelma and Louise became friends when they both took a knitting class together.
Lately, the friendship has been difficult. As middle-aged adults, Thelma and Louise are
likely to
A) ignore the problems, but get together less frequently.
B) work hard to preserve the friendship.
C) take steps to end the friendship.
D) seek relationship advice from a third party.
Research examining cultural variations in personal storytelling shows that
A) there are striking cultural differences in parents' selection and interpretation of
events told in narratives
B) parents in all cultures studied stress the impact of misbehavior on others.
C) all parents tend to downplay their children's transgressions in stories.
D) children tend to tune out lengthy stories told by their parents.
The most common psychological problem of adolescence is
A) anorexia.
B) depression.
C) bulimia.
D) delinquency.
Most well-educated, career-oriented women expect a(n) __________ marriage.
A) matriarchal
B) traditional
C) patriarchal
D) egalitarian
Follow-up research on cognitive development indicates that __________ is present as
early as 6 weeks.
A) object permanence
B) deferred imitation
C) rational imitation
D) analogical problem solving
Which of the following statements is supported by research on sex differences in
A) Although girls have a reputation for being both more verbally and relationally
aggressive than boys, the sex difference is small.
B) Contrary to popular belief, girls are more physically aggressive than boys during the
preschool years.
C) Girls are significantly more likely than boys to engage in verbal and relational
D) Throughout early and middle childhood, girls tend to inflict harm in more variable
ways than boys do.
The most commonly abused substances in the United States are
A) cigarettes and alcohol.
B) alcohol and marijuana.
C) cigarettes and over-the-counter medications.
D) alcohol and prescription medications.
According to Kbler-Ross, Mrs. Buffay's consultation of multiple specialists after her
initial diagnosis of a terminal illness is consistent with which of the five typical
responses to the prospect of death?
A) denial
B) anger
C) bargaining
D) depression
Two-year-old Laura dropped a block into her toy box. She then dropped a cup, a car,
and a doll into the box, throwing some objects gently, while using more force with
others. Laura's modification of her dropping scheme is an example of
A) equilibrium.
B) organization.
C) accommodation.
D) assimilation.
In all societies studied, the most common attachment pattern is the __________ pattern.
A) avoidant
B) resistant
C) disorganized/disoriented
D) secure
Which of the following statements about individuals with anorexia nervosa is true?
A) They usually lose between 5 and 25 percent of their body weight.
B) They typically deny or minimize the seriousness of their disorder.
C) In school, they tend to be irresponsible, poorly behaved, or low-achieving.
D) Later-maturing girls are at greatest risk for the disorder.
Taking a __________ supplement around the time of conception greatly reduces by
more than 70 percent abnormalities of the neural tube.
A) folic acid
B) weight-loss
C) steroid
D) Vitamin C
In the study of Romanian orphans adopted into Canadian homes, the longer the children
spent in orphanage care, the __________ their __________.
A) higher; cortisol levels
B) lower; cortisol levels
C) greater; anger control
D) greater; impulse control
Which of the following statements is supported by research on child care?
A) The effects of substandard child care typically "wash out" once the child starts
elementary school.
B) Most child care in North America is high quality.
C) Regardless of quality, child care leads to insecure attachment and poor school
D) Good child care enhances cognitive, language, and social development.
Four-year-old Harry suffers from physical abuse at home. When his playmates at the
child-care center become distressed, Harry probably
A) shows sympathy.
B) shows empathy.
C) reacts with sensitive concern.
D) reacts with fear or anger.
The human brain has __________ neurons.
A) 100 to 200 million
B) 500 to 600 million
C) 100 to 200 billion
D) 500 to 600 billion
With increasing education, parents establish a __________ style of communication, like
that of classrooms and tests.
A) collaborative
B) convergent
C) hierarchical
D) knowledge-training
Dr. Wiren observes children's responses to bullying by watching them play in a park.
This is an example of a(n)
A) ethnographic study.
B) naturalistic observation.
C) structured observation.
D) clinical interview.
One reason that very young babies' habituation times are so much longer than those of
older babies is that
A) they attend more to familiar rather than novel events.
B) they can sustain attention.
C) they have difficulty disengaging attention from a stimulus.
D) their attention too readily shifts from one stimulus to another.

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