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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
Which of the following statements about sex differences in religious involvement and
spirituality in late adulthood is true?
A) Women and men are equally likely to report that religion is very important to them.
B) Women are more likely than men to engage in religious activities.
C) Men are more likely than women to engage in a personal quest for connectedness
with a higher power.
D) Men are more likely than women to report that religion is very important to them.
Mr. and Mrs. Parsons feel that an important factor in promoting their children's
academic success is frequent contact between teachers and parents. The Parsons would
most likely find this offering in a(n)
A) urban neighborhood.
B) large urban area.
C) mid-sized city.
D) small town.
Preschoolers' first attempts to print often involve writing
A) in lowercase letters.
B) a pretend grocery list.
C) a parent's or sibling's name.
D) their own name.
Accumulating evidence reveals that the relationship between heredity and the
environment is
A) biased toward genetic factors.
B) unidirectional.
C) bidirectional.
D) biased toward environmental factors.
Nativist Noam Chomsky believed that
A) children are born with a series of inborn modules that are specialized for different
aspects of language acquisition.
B) reinforcement and imitation fully explain language development in toddlers and
preschool-age children.
C) the rules of sentence organization are too complex to be directly taught to or
discovered by even a cognitively sophisticated young child.
D) children's innate desire to verbally interact with others promotes language
development in most cultures throughout the world.
During the clinical death phase,
A) the individual's regular heartbeat disintegrates, causing muscle spasms and gasping.
B) resuscitation is no longer possible.
C) the individual passes into permanent death.
D) the heartbeat, circulation, breathing, and brain functioning stop.
In recalling historical facts about the Civil War, John uses __________ knowledge.
A) fluid
B) metacognitive
C) general factual
D) procedural
Two-year-old Katelyn asks her father to read her a story before leaving her with a
babysitter. Katelyn is most likely in Bowlby's __________ phase.
A) "clear-cut" attachment
B) formation of a reciprocal relationship
C) preattachment
D) "attachment-in-the-making"
Dr. Anderson wants to conduct a study to determine the cause-and-effect relationship
between domestic violence and anger in children. Dr. Anderson should use a(n)
__________ design.
A) structured
B) observational
C) correlational
D) experimental
A) always yields acts of kindness and helpfulness.
B) can escalate into personal distress in some children.
C) always leads to sympathy.
D) is especially well-developed in shy, inhibited children.
Which of the following statements about the effects of harsh punishment is true?
A) Harshly treated children are rarely aggressive toward other children.
B) Adults whose parents used corporal punishment tend to reject such discipline.
C) A punitive adult is likely to punish with greater frequency over time.
D) Harsh punishment causes children to be overly sensitive and empathetic.
Most theories of moral development agree that at first, a child's morality is
A) regulated by inner standards.
B) motivated by a fear of retribution.
C) driven by compassionate concern.
D) externally controlled by adults.
In response to the "Heinz dilemma," Ruby explains, "It doesn"t make sense to put
respect for property above respect for life itself. Respect for human life is absolute."
Ruby is at which of Kohlberg's stages of moral development?
A) Stage 3: The "good-boy"good-girl" orientation
B) Stage 4: The social-order-maintaining orientation
C) Stage 5: The social contract orientation
D) Stage 6: The universal ethical principle orientation
A(n) __________ period is a time that is optimal for certain capacities to emerge.
A) equilibration
B) imprinting
C) adaptive
D) sensitive
Reggie is a 74-year-old U.S. hospice patient. Reggie will most likely die in
A) his own home.
B) a hospice inpatient unit.
C) a nursing home.
D) a typical hospital room.
Compared to single-grade classrooms, multigrade classrooms
A) produce students who perform better academically.
B) promote competition between students.
C) tend to undermine students' self-esteem.
D) tend to promote negative attitudes toward school.
Between the ages of __________, napping subsides.
A) 6 to 8 months
B) 9 to 11 months
C) 1 and 2 years
D) 3 and 5 years
The information-processing approach
A) overemphasizes nonlinear aspects of cognition, such as creativity and imagination.
B) is better at analyzing thinking into its components than at putting them back together
into a comprehensive theory.
C) regards the thought processes studiedperception, attention, memory, planning
strategies, categorization of informationas stagelike in their development.
D) underestimates the individual's contribution to his or her own development.
Four-year-old Simka is sociable and good at regulating emotion. She is likely to
A) help, share, and comfort others in distress.
B) experience personal distress when she sees a peer in distress.
C) show a rise in heart rate and lip biting when she sees a peer in distress.
D) show a decline in heart rate and respiration when she sees others in distress.
Bindi quickly establishes regular routines, is generally cheerful, and adapts easily to
new experiences. In Thomas and Chess's research, Bindi would be classified as a(n)
__________ child.
A) easy
B) slow-to-warm-up
C) difficult
D) uninhibited
Intimacy and __________ are basic to meaningful friendships in late adulthood.
A) proximity
B) companionship
C) ethnicity
D) mutual dependency
Harriet can handle dressing, shopping, and food preparation by herself. However,
Harriet allows her daughter Ada to assist with these activities, leaving Harriet more
stamina for gardening. Harriet is managing her aging by
A) becoming overly dependent on Ada.
B) taking advantage of Ada's willingness to help, though she is able to take care of
C) consciously giving up primary control in some areas to remain in control of other,
highly valued pursuits.
D) readily accepting formal support from Ada.
In contrast to the United States, most European countries
A) do not require that caregivers have special training in child development.
B) nationally regulate child care to ensure its quality.
C) offer government-subsidized child care only to low-SES families.
D) do not regulate the child-care industry.
Which of the following statements about Americans and exercise is true?
A) Most Americans are not aware of the health benefits of exercise.
B) Just 24 percent of Americans engage in the nationally recommended 150 minutes per
week of at least moderately intense leisure-time physical activity.
C) Almost one-half of Americans engage in the recommended two sessions per week of
resistance exercises.
D) Over half of Americans are inactive, with no regular brief sessions of even light
Once adolescents join a clique or crowd,
A) it can modify their beliefs and behavior.
B) they rarely switch to a different one.
C) they become identity-foreclosed.
D) they begin to view family and school life less positively.
Added years of longevity and health plus financial stability have granted an active,
opportunistic time of life to so many older adults that some experts believe a new phase
of late adulthood has evolved, known as
A) the Second Age.
B) the Third Age.
C) the New Old Age.
D) Extended Old Age.
Bobby is anxious, unhappy, and has low self-esteem. When frustrated, Bobby tends to
react with hostility. His parents are most likely to fit which of the following
child-rearing styles?
A) authoritative
B) authoritarian
C) permissive
D) uninvolved
Betty just celebrated her fiftieth birthday. She celebrated by taking hang-gliding lessons
and purchasing a more mature wardrobe. According to Levinson, Betty is engaged in
which of the following developmental tasks?
A) young"old
B) destruction"creation
C) masculinity"femininity
D) engagement"separateness
Evidence that preschoolers __________ supports the idea that operational thought is not
absent at one point in time and present at another.
A) rarely use magical thinking
B) never perform well on Piagetian problems
C) can be trained to perform well on Piagetian problems
D) attain logical operations by age 2
As many as _____ percent of zygotes do not survive the first two weeks.
A) 20
B) 30
C) 40
D) 50
Mrs. Peabody was in an automobile accident. The doctor informed her family that there
has been an irreversible cessation of all activity in the brain and the brain stem. Mrs.
Peabody is experiencing
A) the agonal phase of death.
B) clinical death.
C) brain death.
D) mortality.
While __________ development continues to be a central focus from the late teens into
the mid-twenties, the decade of the twenties is accompanied by a rise in feelings of
A) intimacy; personal insecurity
B) identity; personal control over life events
C) identity; stagnation
D) ego integrity; physical security

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