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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
While Marie's mother lay dying, she told Marie, "I"m not afraid. I have faith. I"m
looking forward to what lies ahead." Marie's mother views dying as
A) a mandate to live ever more fully.
B) imprisonment.
C) part of life's journey.
D) an experience to be transformed.
Componential analysis involves
A) examining relationships between aspects of information processing and children's
intelligence test scores.
B) determining the extent to which intelligence test scores are accurate predictors of
future academic success.
C) comparing a child's performance on an intelligence test with the performance of a
specific group of children.
D) identifying cultural and educational experiences that contribute to intelligence test
Teenage girls are __________ as likely as boys to report persistent depressed mood.
A) not
B) just
C) twice
D) three times
__________ is associated with more rapid cognitive declines in older people and an
elevated risk of dementia, especially Alzheimer's disease.
A) Osteoarthritis
B) Rheumatoid arthritis
C) Diabetes
D) Unintentional injury
In the United States, public policies safeguarding __________ lag behind policies for
A) the elderly; children and youths
B) children and youths; the elderly
C) the elderly; extended families
D) school-age children; preschool children
Efforts to teach language to nonhuman primates
A) prove that, with appropriate training, any animal can acquire a vocabulary of several
dozen symbols.
B) show that, after extensive training, chimpanzees using sign language can produce
short sentences with greater consistency than a preschool child.
C) have been completely unsuccessful because animals cannot learn even basic
D) support Chomsky's assumption that the capacity for elaborate grammar is unique to
Late in life, __________ factors show greater decrements than __________ factors.
A) fluid; perceptual
B) fluid; crystallized
C) crystallized; perceptual
D) crystallized; fluid
In a cross-sectional design, researchers study
A) the same group of participants repeatedly at different ages.
B) groups of participants differing in age at the same point in time.
C) participants over the same ages but in different years.
D) participants of the same age at the same point in time.
Four-year-old MaKayla's hamster died. A few days later, MaKayla told her mom that
the hamster died because she was mad at him for chewing on her bookmark. MaKayla
is having trouble understanding the death concept of
A) permanence.
B) inevitability.
C) applicability.
D) causation.
Research on the effects of neighborhoods suggests that
A) participation in neighborhood organizations does not impact school achievement.
B) neighborhood resources have a greater impact on children than adults.
C) neighborhoods affect the well-being of children and adults.
D) neighborhoods are not important in late adulthood because most elders are
For young adults, __________ is supported by the specialization that begins with
selecting a college major or an occupation.
A) relativism
B) dualism
C) expertise
D) pragmatism
Which of the following research methods is an outgrowth of psychoanalytic theory?
A) naturalistic observation
B) structured observation
C) ethnography
D) the clinical method
Preschool viewing of educational television programming like Sesame Street is
associated with
A) short-term benefits, such as getting higher grades in elementary school, but these
effects tend to "wash out" by middle childhood.
B) getting higher grades, reading more books, and placing more value on achievement
in high school.
C) above average IQ scores, advanced moral understanding, and resistance to peer
pressure in adolescence.
D) overweight and obesity, particularly for children who spend more than an hour a day
watching educational television.
Physical activity
A) improves mood, but decreases alertness.
B) reduces anxiety and depression.
C) increases the risk of diseases associated with smoking.
D) decreases neural activity in the cerebral cortex.
Which of the following statements about skipped-generation families is true?
A) The number of grandparents rearing grandchildren has decreased over the past two
B) Nearly 4 to 5 percent of the U.S. child population live with grandparents but apart
from parents.
C) Caucasian-American caregiving grandparents are especially likely to be unemployed
and to be caring for several grandchildren.
D) Grandparents in skipped-generation families report less fulfillment in the
grandparent role than typical grandparents do.
According to Erikson, when the psychological conflict of late adulthood is resolved
negatively, adults experience
A) guilt.
B) isolation.
C) stagnation.
D) despair.
Which of the following individuals is the most likely to experience the greatest
percentage of REM sleep?
A) Sammy, a preschool child
B) Jake, a full-term newborn
C) Sarah, a teenager
D) Cheryl, a preterm newborn
In response to the "Heinz dilemma," Marlee says, "No one will think you"re bad if you
steal the drug, but your family will think you"re an inhuman husband if you don"t. If
you let your wife die, you"ll never be able to look anyone in the face again." Marlee is
at which of Kohlberg's stages of moral development?
A) Stage 2: The instrumental purpose orientation
B) Stage 3: The "good-boy"good-girl" orientation
C) Stage 4: The social-order-maintaining orientation
D) Stage 5: The social contract orientation
Mounting evidence reveals that children with autism have
A) at least one "mindblind" parent.
B) a deficient theory of mind.
C) goal-oriented thinking.
D) an advanced theory of mind.
A) is associated with a lack of work assignments to fill the day.
B) occurs more often in the helping professions.
C) occurs more often in Western Europe than in the United States.
D) occurs more often in routine, physically demanding jobs.
Four-year-old Jasmine is shown two identical tall glasses of water and agrees that they
contain the same amount of liquid. When the liquid is poured into a short, wide
container, she says that there is more water in the shorter container because it is "all
spread out." Jasmine is demonstrating a lack of understanding of
A) conservation.
B) animistic thinking.
C) magical thinking.
D) reversibility.
When adults make positive lifestyle changes,
A) telomeres decrease in number.
B) telomeres shorten.
C) telomeres multiply in number.
D) telomerase activity increases.
According to Jean Piaget, __________ is the balance between internal structures and
information that children encounter in their everyday worlds.
A) imitation
B) adaptation
C) cognition
D) equilibrium
The __________ eventually becomes the muscles, skeleton, circulatory system, and
other internal organs.
A) mesoderm
B) chorion
C) endoderm
D) ectoderm
The circular reaction initially centers on
A) the manipulation of objects.
B) internal depictions of events.
C) the infant's own body.
D) imitation of familiar behaviors.
Death is
A) characterized by a loss of heartbeat and respiration.
B) an event that happens at a single point in time.
C) a process in which organs stop functioning in a sequence that varies from person to
D) brought on by a cessation of brain functioning.
__________ involves creating child-rearing environments that recognize each child's
temperament while encouraging more adaptive functioning.
A) Goodness of fit
B) Ethological theory of attachment
C) Emotional self-regulation
D) Effortful control
The information-processing perspective views development as
A) continuous.
B) discontinuous.
C) a socially mediated process.
D) marked by imagination and creativity.
Four-month-old Stewart is shown a video image of himself and a video image of
another baby. He will probably
A) look longer at the video of himself.
B) look equally long at both images.
C) look longer at the video of the other baby.
D) almost entirely ignore both video images.
Which of the following statements about the differences between American and
Western European attitudes toward cohabitation is true?
A) Cohabitation is thoroughly integrated into American society, whereas fewer Western
Europeans accept it.
B) About 50 percent of Western European cohabiting unions break up within the first
two years.
C) When cohabiting Western Europeans decide to marry, they more often do so to
legalize their relationships.
D) Only about 6 to 16 percent of American cohabiting unions break up within two
Research in diverse cultures demonstrates that fathers'
A) warmth contributes little to children's long-term favorable development.
B) sustained affectionate involvement protects children against a wide range of
childhood emotional and behavioral problems.
C) play sensitivity predicts a resistant father"child attachment in adolescence.
D) warmth promotes short-term, but not long-term, favorable development.
Once wariness of strangers develops after 6 months,
A) babies use the familiar caregiver as a secure base from which to explore.
B) other typical fears decline.
C) the stranger's style of interaction does little to comfort babies.
D) infants resist exploring new environments.
Which of the following statements about persistent adolescent delinquency is true?
A) Adolescent-onset youths are far more likely than childhood-onset youths to engage
in a life-course pattern of aggression and criminality.
B) Late-onset youths are emotionally negative, restless, and willful as early as age 2.
C) Early-onset youths seem to inherit traits that predispose them to aggressiveness.
D) The most effective treatment for antisocial youths is long-term incarceration.
__________ are the biological foundation on which our characteristics are built.
A) Proteins
B) Genes
C) Chromosomes
D) Gametes
Which of the following statements about retirement satisfaction is true?
A) Moving out of a low-stress job is associated with gains in psychological well-being
following retirement.
B) Leaving a high-stress job is linked to greater difficulties during the retirement
C) Although social-network size typically grows in retirement, quality of relationships
becomes more unstable for most people.
D) Retirement can enhance marital satisfaction by granting husband and wife more time
for companionship.

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