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Group Counseling: Strategies and Skills 8th Edition
Christine J. Schimmel, Ed E. Jacobs, Riley L. Harvill, Robert L. L. Masson
A. Confidentiality
B. Dual relationships
C. Ethically using exercises
D. Informing members about the group
E. Leader qualification and preparation
F. Leader's role in making referrals
A school counselor led an exercise that generated an intense reaction from one member.
After the session, with the member's permission, the counselor contacted the member's
parent to provide a list of phone numbers so that plans for follow up services could be
According to Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, _______________ cause feelings.
a. Needs
b. Wants
c. Choices
d. Thoughts
"Linking", that is tying together similar thoughts and feelings expressed by members,
can be an effective way of helping members bond.
a. True
b. False
Which of the models of co-leadership assumes that co-leaders are committed to
discussing goals and activities for each session?
a. Shared leading
b. Alternate leading
c. Apprentice model
d. All of the choices
Because a group leader is so involved in the planning and leading of her groups, her
evaluation of her own role and the effectiveness of a particular group is subjective and,
therefore, not very useful.
a. True
b. False
When planning, a group leader should consider
a. how ready he/she is to lead a group of that type and composition.
b. what kind of insurance members have.
c. the number of groups in which members have been participants.
d. when she should involve other members in working with one member.
Which is TRUE about the purpose of a single-session group?
a. Clarity of purpose helps the leader to manage time effectively in single-session
b. Clarity of purpose is more important for single-session groups than for groups
meeting multiple times
c. The leader must be clear about the purpose of the group and must keep members on
d. All of the available choices
In this stage, some members will have an emotional experience saying goodbye to the
a. Closing
b. Transition
c. Beginning
d. Middle/working
Group Types:
A. Clients with addictions
B. Adolescents
D. Children
E. Clients with disabilities
F. Couples
G. Divorced clients
H. Older clients
I. Survivors of sexual abuse
Support and therapy are often needed for this population. Groups can help them to
voice their pain and to gain the courage to do the difficult work of healing from their
Storming is LEAST likely to occur when
a. leaders provide structure.
b. members are forced to attend.
c. group goals include team building.
d. none of the available choices
It is considered acceptable for groups to have more than one purpose.
a. True
b. False
Which of the following "purposes" for leading a group is NOT a good choice?
a. Helping members of a high school prom committee plan an upcoming event
b. Providing support for the family members of a chronically ill child
c. Giving a leader a chance to "bone-up" on his skills
d. Providing education on health issues to members who wish to give up smoking
In the working phase, it is important for leaders to
a. change the focus of the group if one session doesn"t go well.
b. deepen the focus to a level that is meaningful for most or all of the members.
c. hold the focus on one member week after week because she seems to need help.
d. shift the focus continuously from member to member so more members can work.
In a 'starting over" group for divorced women, discussion is centered upon members'
private logic for not trying to meet new people. Which theory is the group using?
a. Gestalt
b. Reality Therapy
c. Adlerian
d. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
The authors suggest that, overall, it is much easier for a group leader to lead a group by
herself than to try to work with a co-leader.
a. True
b. False
When using co-leaders in a group, it is best that the leaders don"t plan in advance
because such planning can interfere with the natural flow of the group experience.
a. True
b. False
There may be occasions when a group member's behavior is so negative or distracting
that it suggests he or she is not ready for a group experience.
a. True
b. False
Phase of an exercise:
A. introducing
B. conducting
C. processing
Setting a positive tone is crucial in this phase.
Deepening the focus should be done during the ________________ phase of group.
a. Ending
b. Warm-up
c. Middle/working
d. Any of the available choices
Skills used during the middle stages of a group;
A. Changing leadership style
B. Changing group structure
C. Introducing new topics
D. Using outside assignments
E. Using progress reports
F. Using voice
G. Varying the format
One member shared some deep and personal information during the last session. The
leader takes five minutes to check in with him at the beginning of this session.
As a leader, preparing for and dealing with feelings of anger is useful for which
a. Clients with addictions
b. Survivors of sexual abuse
c. Clients with chronic diseases or disabilities
d. All of the choices
The relationship developed among group members, as well as the way in which
members participate in a group, defines group
a. process
b. think
c. harmony
d. cohesion
Because members of a counseling or therapy group are usually in some emotional
distress, it is best to simply let their concerns guide the direction of the group rather
than having exercises or other activities planned to help members express their feelings.
a. True
b. False
A. creative use of members
B. guess the problem
C. movement round
D. indirectly working
E. role-play the member
F. spinning off
G. stationary round
A member working on her issues uses vague and confusing language to explain her
concerns. The leader tells the other members to try to figure out what's wrong to give
the working member time to stop and think.
A member who says to another "Don"t worry, everything will be ok, you just have to
make the best of things" is a
a. rescuing member
b. resistant member
c. distracter
d. talkative member
It is a very good practice for co-leaders using the 'shared" model, that is where they
work together as a smooth team, to echo each other's words so the major points of their
work get reinforced for the members.
a. True
b. False
The use of diaries or journals in a group provide a chance for members to write down
thoughts and feelings they may not feel comfortable sharing with others.
a. True
b. False
Which is NOT a therapeutic force in a group setting as defined by the authors?
a. Clarity of purpose
b. Marital status of the members
c. Adequacy of setting
d. Level of trust among members
"Arts and crafts" are generally used in a fun or playful context and should never be used
as a serious group exercise.
a. True
b. False
Which is NOT a characteristic of members who lack commitment to the group?
a. They try to argue with the leader.
b. They contribute very little to discussions.
c. They develop trust within one or two sessions.
d. They vie to be the center of attention in the group.
Which of the following is FALSE regarding counseling theory?
a. Adlerian theory states that all behavior is purposeful.
b. Reality Therapy teaches that feelings come from emotions.
c. Gestalt Therapy focuses on awareness in the "here and now."
d. Transactional Analysis proposes that ego states depend on a person's experience.
A. Negative tone.
B. Positive
In a group of court mandated anger management clients, the leader began the group by
shaking a bottle of soda and asking, "What do you think hakes you up in life?"
A. Cutting-off
B. Clarifying
C. Drawing-out
D. Encouraging
E. Linking
F. Reflecting
A member has been speaking for a while. The leader wants to tighten the focus of what
he has said so that others hear the most relevant points before moving on to a new topic.
The authors of this text propose a _______ stage group model
a. Six
b. Five
c. Three
d. Seven
Too often in education, discussion, and task groups, leaders mistakenly deepen the
focus on individuals rather than recognizing the purpose of the group as being to keep
the focus on the topic at hand.
a. True
b. False
If the leader changes group size, composition, or meeting times, she is most likely
making modification to the _________________of the group members.
Group exercises need to be followed by --______________ and not just conducted one
after the other.
Many groups are unsuccessful due to too little emphasis on ___________________.
According to the authors, what are the advantages of meeting with members
individually during the middle stages of group?
Which member characteristics are important to consider when thinking of drawing a
member out?
Why is it important for a leader to monitor both the process and the content of the
Before deepening the group's focus to an intense level, the authors suggest that the
leader consider the group's ____________________.
Why should leaders exercise caution when reading members' evaluations of the group?
Why is it important to consider the purpose of the group before deepening the focus of
the session?
How can planning for the energy level of the beginning phase of group be helpful?
Written exercises are useful in getting ___________________ members to share in the
What are the advantages and disadvantages of leader participation in exercises?
How can leaders use different techniques to stimulate members' thoughts?
The purpose of the group should be determined during the ________________ session.
To ensure that a topic, such as anger or guilt, is processed fully and meaningfully, the
leader can create a topic ____________________ that includes key issues and exercises
to use.
For a member who is not comfortable being the focus of the group, the leader can bring
up that member's issue for general discussion and work with him or her
A leader who intentionally ends a round on a member to focus more on that member is
using the round to _______________ ____________ a member.

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