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Human Physiology 14th Edition

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July 19, 2017
Primary lysosomes consist of digestive enzymes and the contents of a food vacuole.
The rate at which GnRH is secreted from the hypothalamus determines whether LH or
FSH is secreted from the anterior pituitary.
Corticosteroids are a type of lipid commonly found in cell membranes.
The wavelengths of light a photoreceptor responds to is determined by the opsin in the
Desmosomes are a type of junctional complex.
A given gustatory sensory neuron may be stimulated by more than one taste cell located
in a number of different taste pores.
The cerebellum directly influences motor activity.
A reducing agent donates electrons to a molecule.
A greater bending of the stereocilia will increase the frequency of action potentials and
will be perceived as a louder sound.
Gas exchange between the cells and extracellular fluid utilizes active transport.
Fibers that secrete acetylcholine are called cholinergic fibers.
The term "chemical element" refers to the most common isotope of that element.
Macrophages are derived from neutrophils.
Hypertension increases afterload, making it more difficult for the ventricles to eject
Only absorbed light can produce photochemical reactions that result in vision.
Interferons have diverse functions including inhibiting erythrocyte and adipose cell
Fat is a type of connective tissue.
In males, conversion of testosterone to estrogen in the brain is essential for normal
regulation of LH secretion.
Enzymes are specific for a given substrate.
Macula densa cells of the juxtaglomerular apparatus are part of the tubuloglomerular
feedback mechanism.
The citric acidcycle completes the oxidation of glucose started by glycolysis.
Pyramidal tracts begin at the motor cortex of the frontal lobe and synapse in the
medulla before descending the spinal cord.
Ablation of the limbic system may result in an absence of fear.
The are no sensory neurons associated with the autonomic nervous system.
Individuals in a positive nitrogen balance are metabolizing body tissues for energy.
The first heart sound is produced when the semilunar valves close.
Endurance training increases the oxidative capacity of a muscle cell.
Some ganglion cells are stimulated by light at the center of its receptive field while
others are stimulated by light at the periphery of its receptive field. This improves
visual acuity.
The cytoskeleton of a cell can serve as a railway that can transport organelles and
molecules to different intracellular destinations.
All protein-bound T4 is released to enter the target cells.
Glucose, galactose, and fructose can be considered structural isomers of each other.
Glucose 6-phosphate can diffuse out of a cell.
The granular (rough) endoplasmic reticulum is characterized by a lack of ribosomes.
All cranial and spinal nerves are mixed.
During oxidation, a molecule or atom
A.gains protons.
B.loses protons.
C.gains electrons.
D.loses electrons.
The osmolality of plasma is
A. 0.3 Osm.
B. 0.1 Osm.
C. 1.0 Osm.
D. 2.0 Osm.
____________________ is a term which describes a membrane that allows only certain
molecules to pass throughit.
A. Selectively permeable
B. Permeable
C. Porous
D. Countertransport
__________ innervate muscles and glands.
A.Sensory neurons
C.Motor neurons
D.Association neurons
Myocardial cells exhibit a plateau phase instead of quickly repolarizing. This is due to
A.inward diffusion of calcium through slow Ca2+ channels.
B.inward diffusion of sodium through fast Na+ channels.
C.inward diffusion of potassium through voltage-gated K+ channels.
D.outward pumping of sodium by the Na+/K+ pump.
Which of the following is NOT part of the organ of Corti?
A.vestibular membrane
B.tectorial membrane
C.basilar membrane
D.hair cells with sensory fibers
The final protein that forms a blood clot is
The rhythmicity center is located in the
B.cerebral cortex.
C.medulla oblongata.
Glycolysis results in a net gain of two ATP formed by direct _____________ of ADP
molecules using phosphates taken from glycolytic intermediates.
A ball of about eight cells formed about 50 to 60 hours after fertilization is called a
Sertoli cells are stimulated by __________, while Leydig cells are stimulated by
C.testosterone, LH
D.FSH, testosterone
Hypotension could be induced by
A.excessive renin secretion.
B.excessive antidiuretic hormone secretion.
C.excessive aldosterone secretion.
D.excessive atrial natriuretic factor secretion.
Which of the following lifestyle changes can improve glucose intolerance and possibly
prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes?
A.increase saturated fat in the diet
B.reduce fiber in the diet
C.increase daily exercise
D.reduce stress
The actin filament is a polymer formed from 300 to 400 globular subunits called
A. I-actin.
B. T-actin.
C. G-actin.
D. C-actin.
The binding of FAS and its FAS ligand will trigger
A.interferon release.
B.T lymphocyte activation.
C.antibody production.
D.T lymphocyte apoptosis.
The highly branched extensions of a neuron whose function is to receive input from
other neurons or receptor cells are called
C.cell bodies.
_______________ is a series of wavelike contractions of circular and longitudinal
layers of smooth muscle that push food from one end of the digestive tract to the other.
C.Negative feedback inhibition
D.A graded contraction
The _______________ electrons are the outermost electrons of an atom.
The I neurons of the dorsal respiratory group stimulate the
A.sympathetic nervous system.
B.phrenic nerve.
C.vagus nerve.
D.parasympathetic nervous system.
Purported beneficial effects of melatonin include all of the following EXCEPT
A.limiting the effects of jet lag.
B.treating insomnia.
C.preventing oxidative damage to cells.
D.increasing weight loss.
The duration of the cell cycle is decreased in response to increased amounts of
A. telomerase.
B. cyclin
C. DNA helicase.
D. proteasome.
Dark red colored blood would be found in
The highest oxygen affinity is demonstrated by
A.hemoglobin A.
B.hemoglobin F.
D.hemoglobin S.
The optic radiations project fibers from the lateral geniculate nuclei to area
A.9 of the occipital lobe.
B.19 of the occipital lobe.
C.17 of the occipital lobe.
D.21 of the occipital lobe.
The __________ drains lymph into the left subclavian vein.
A.left lymphatic duct
B.common lymphatic duct
C.thoracic duct
D.subclavian duct
The _________________ is the saturation point of renal carrier molecules.
A.transport maximum
C.renal plasma clearance
D.renal plasma threshold
Which of the following is true of vestibular nystagmus?
A. It consists of involuntary oscillations of the eyes.
B. It may be a symptom of Mnire's disease.
C. It is loss of equilibrium.
D. All apply.
Cutaneous effectors such as blood vessels, sweat glands, and errector pili muscles are
innervated by
A. only parasympathetic nerves.
B. only sympathetic nerves.
C. both parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves.
D. both parasympathetic and somatic nerves.
Molecules with the same atoms, in the same sequence, but arranged differently in space
are called
A. structural isomers.
B. stereoisomers.
C. functional groups.
D. aromatic molecules.
Uremia may cause
C.uretic coma.
D.All of the choices are correct.
Which muscle's contraction will stimulate inspiration?
A. diaphragm
B. external intercostals
C. parasternal intercostals
D. All of the choices are correct.

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