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Human Physiology 14th Edition

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July 19, 2017
The body's adipostat works in a negative feedback way to maintain adipose tissue to
keep you from losing weight.
Nociceptors relay sensory information to the cortex via the lateral spinothalamic tract.
Carbohydrate molecules have a ratio of twice as many oxygen atoms to carbon atoms.
Anterograde transport uses dynein molecular motor proteins.
Beta-adrenergic receptors stimulate the production of cAMP.
It would take too many genes for us to inherit all of our mechanisms to fight pathogens.
Long-term memory is most often associated with the hypothalamus.
An ECG lacking a T wave would occur if the sinoatrial node were not functioning.
Activated B lymphocytes move into a germinal center of a secondary lymphoid organ
and then produce antibodies.
A buffer has an acid component and a base component that can prevent drastic changes
in pH.
H+/K+ ATPase pumps transport H+ against its concentration gradient out of the lumen
of the stomach while transporting K+ in the opposite direction.
Ligand-gated channels, when activated, allow only Na+ to move into the neuron.
Epithelial cells of the proximal tubule have a lower concentration of Na+ than the
Polypeptide and glycoprotein hormones can be taken orally.
Free energy is the only type that can be used to perform cellular work.
An oocyte is contained in a membrane sac called a follicle.
The nicotinic ACh receptor is a ligand-gated channel.
Stress and aging may cause increased incidences of cancer.
Second-order neurons from the medial lemniscus and spinothalamic tracts synapse with
third-order neurons in the thalamus.
Scientific theories are based on a single hypothesis.
Internal respiration occurs most frequently in the respiratory zone.
Salt leaving the ascending limb of the loop of Henle causes the loss of water from the
descending limb of the loop of Henle.
Norepinephrine binding to a receptor stimulates the activity of adenylate cyclase.
Monoclonal antibodies have shown limited success in cancer treatment.
Damage to cranial nerve IX would impair swallowing.
Dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine are all molecules of the catecholamine
Increasing the number of slow Ca2+ channels open in the sinoatrial node increases heart
Sarcomeres contain elastic titin filaments which help the muscles return to their resting
length during muscle relaxation.
Meiosis II is not completed in the secondary oocyte until after fertilization.
Biologically active molecules in the blood are called hormones.
Sebaceous glands are responsible for the lubrication of the skin.
Endocrine gland secretion is often controlled by the nervous system.
An increase in plasma osmolality will cause the secretion of ADH.
Dilation of the afferent arteriole would increase glomerular pressure.
The lining of the intestine provides a physical barrier against microorganisms and their
Increased circulating concentrations of testosterone would stimulate
A. decreased secretion of growth hormone.
B. decreased secretion of adrenocorticotropin.
C. decreased secretion of luteinizing hormone.
D. decreased secretion of thyroid stimulating hormone.
The vascular link between the hypothalamus and the __________ is called the
hypothalamo-hypophyseal portal system.
A.posterior pituitary
B.anterior pituitary
C.pineal gland
Induced pluripotent stem cells are useful for all of the following EXCEPT
A.to test drugs for treatments of diseases.
B.to generate cells with genetic diseases for study.
C.to produce stem cells to treat diseases.
D.to cause cancer.
Embryonic stem cells are pluripotent and their chromatin is mostly
A. mesenchymal.
B. euchromatin.
C. heterochromatin.
D. histochromatin.
Which hunger hormone is released in between meals?
B.polypeptide YY
Which of the following is true of type 1 diabetes mellitus?
A.Lack of insulin leads to hypertension and decreased fatty acids in the blood.
B.Lack of insulin caused a decrease in glucagon production.
C.Glucagon production increases that leads to hyperglycemia and ketoacidosis.
D.Lack of insulin leads to hypoglycemia and ketoacidosis.
An individual with astigmatism would have their vision corrected by
A.a convex lens.
B.a concave lens.
C.cylindrical lens.
D.a magnifying lens.
Postsynaptic inhibition is caused by
A. acetylcholine
C. glycine
D. GABA and glycine
In response to increased concentration of the final product of a metabolic pathway
A.all enzymes in the pathway become more active.
B.intermediate enzymes become more active.
C.the final product acts as an allosteric regulator of one enzyme in the pathway.
D.all enzymes in the pathway become less active.
Normal alveolar PO2 is
A.40 mm Hg.
B.46 mm Hg.
C.100 mm Hg.
D.105 mm Hg.
Which of the following does NOT increase the strength of the muscle contraction?
A. a high number of fibers stimulated
B. increased frequency of stimulation
C. thicker muscle fiber
D. resting sarcomere length of 3.6m
The ___________ phase of the endometrium is supported when the ovary is in the
luteal phase.
What is the major hormone produced during the luteal phase?
Nonshivering thermogenesis requires the
A. somatic nervous system.
B. sympathoadrenal system.
C. parasympathetic system.
D. limbic system.
Which of the following locations have ciliated cells?
A. respiratory and digestive systems
B. female reproductive and lymphatic systems
C. respiratory and female reproductive systems
D. digestive and lymphatic systems
Isotopes have the same ___________ number, but a different __________ number.
A.mass, atomic
B.neutron, mass
C.atomic, mass
D.atomic, proton
Active transport
A. utilizes energy.
B. cannot transport molecules against a concentration gradient.
C. cannot be saturated.
D. requires cofactors.
What new procedure is used by many people to correct refractive problems?
A.lens replacement
C.corrective lenses
Diffusion rate across the respiratory membrane is rapid because
A.there are about 750 square feet of alveoli membrane.
B.alveoli are one cell thick.
C.the air-blood barrier is two cells thick.
D.All of the choices are correct.
Which of the following is NOT a function of astrocytes?
A. can take up NT from a synapse
B. can stimulate or inhibit neurons
C. needed to form synapses in the CNS
D. phagocytose foreign material in the CNS
E. form the blood-brain barrier
According to the Frank-Starling Law of the heart, as contraction strength increases the
stroke volume
C.shows no change.
What type of proteins are present in gap junctions that form water-filled channels
between neurons?
A. connexins
B. myelin
C. terminal boutons
D. cell adhesion molecules (CAMs)
The majority of reabsorption occurs in the
A.collecting duct.
B.distal convoluted tubule.
C.loop of Henle.
D.proximal convoluted tubule.
In the nucleus of a diploid cell, the amount of cytosine would equal the amount of
A. adenine.
B. thymine.
C. uracil.
D. guanine.
What is the ability to mount a specific immune response called?
B.complement activation
C.immunological competence
Hypocalcemia enhances the excitability of nerves and muscles because of the ____
permeability of the cell membrane to ___.
A.increased, K+
B.decreased, K+
C.increased, Na+
D.decreased, Na+
Proteins that must bind to a nuclear receptor protein that aids in its activation are called
C.orphan receptors.
___________ is the ability of antibodies and complements to enhance phagocytosis.
B.Complement activation
C.Cellmediated immunity
Sensations are sharpened via
A.two-point discrimination.
C.lateral inhibition.
D.phantom limb.
Which of the following is NOT a major organ of the circulatory system?
A. spleen
B. heart
C. lymphatic vessels
D. blood vessels
___________ selectively stimulates a2 receptors in brain neurons thereby suppressing
sympathoadrenal activation and lowering blood pressure.

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