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Human Physiology 14th Edition

Psychology 15286

July 19, 2017
Insulin secretion is often normal in individuals with type I diabetes mellitus.
Solutions containing a high concentration of hydrogen ions would maximally stimulate
taste buds for sweet.
Electrical synapses are functionally linked by tight junctions.
Lipophilic hormones interact with receptors that are transcription factors.
The measurement of a particular antigen by an agglutination reaction is called an
Primary hypertension results as a complication of another disease.
Areas of the skin with small receptive fields would have a greater sensory acuity.
Myogenic regulation in the brain helps keep cerebral blood flow constant despite
changes in systemic blood pressure.
Taste cells are modified neurons.
Intrapulmonary pressure increases as the diaphragm contracts.
The pons and cerebellum comprise the metencephalon.
The circulatory system helps to maintain normal body temperature.
The nerve is the basic structural and functional unit of the nervous system.
At rest, blood flow is greatest in the
A.skin and GI tract.
B.brain and liver.
C.GI tract and liver.
D.kidneys and skin.
Individuals suffering from acquired immune deficiency syndrome have decreased
numbers of circulating
A.Regulatory T lymphocytes.
B.Helper T lymphocytes.
C.B lymphocytes.
Hyperpolarization in the postsynaptic cell is caused by
A. excitatory postsynaptic potentials.
B. inhibitory postsynaptic potentials.
C. movement of K+ out of the cell.
D. Inhibitory postsynaptic potentials and movement of K+ out of the cell are correct.
The movement of digested food into the blood or lymph is
A. ingestion.
B. deglutition.
C. absorption.
D. segmentation.
Which of the following is able to passively penetrate the plasma membrane?
A. O2
B. small charged particles
C. large polar molecules
D. All apply.
How much of the extracellular fluid comes from blood plasma?
A. 33%
B. 92%
C. 20%
D. 50%
Oxidative deamination is required for
A. carbohydrate synthesis.
B. carbohydrate breakdown.
C. protein synthesis.
D. protein breakdown.
What coding system do neurons use to get a greater response?
A. greater amplitude of stimuli
B. greater Na+ concentration gradient
C. increased frequency of stimuli
D. more active Na+/K+ pump
Endurance training results in increased
A.muscle mitochondria number.
B.glycogen depletion during exercise.
C.number of type IIX fibers.
D.lactate production per unit time.
In positive feedback mechanisms, the action of an effector is
D.decreased, then increased.
Transport of materials through an epithelial cell is called
A. paracellular transport.
B. transcellular transport.
C. bulk transport.
D. exocytosis.
Granular leukocytes are derived from
Inhibition of the baroreceptor reflex would not allow proper regulation of all but
A. cardiac rate.
B. stroke volume.
C. respiratory rate.
D. blood pressure.
Aldosterone secretion from the adrenal cortex is stimulated by a(n) ____ in blood Na+
or a(n) ___ in blood K+.
A.increase, decrease
B.increase, increase
C.decrease, increase
D.decrease, decrease
How many hydrogens are released in glycolysis?
Which of the following changes would occur during exercise?
A.increased blood gases
B.decreased ventilation
C.decreased oxygen delivery to muscles
D.increased oxygen extraction by muscles
What characteristic does the endolymph of the membranous labyrinth have that is
A.It is similar to the perilymph that surrounds the membranous labyrinth.
B.It has a higher than normal concentration of Na+.
C.It has a lower than normal concentration of Cl-.
D.It has a higher than normal concentration of K+.
Which of the following is NOT an effect of CCK?
A.stimulates secretion of water and bicarbonate rich pancreatic juice
B.stimulates contraction of the gall bladder
C.inhibits gastric motility
D.stimulates secretion of pancreatic juice rich in enzymes
What allows cardiac muscle to have sufficient oxygen during systole?
A. large amount of myoglobin
B. many mitochondria
C. many aerobic enzymes
D. All apply
The _________________ of the stomach and intestine secrete histamine and serotonin.
A.G cells
B.parietal cells
C.enterochromaffin-like (ECL) cells
D.chief cells
The effectiveness of some antibiotics, such as penicillin, is enhanced by preventing
their excretion by use of
B.organic anion transporters.
Estrogen may play a role in spermatogenesis as evidenced by estrogen receptors found
on developing
A.sperm cells.
Renal damage often produces microalbuminuria.
In response to alkalosis
A.the kidney maximally reabsorbs bicarbonate.
B.the kidney excretes bicarbonate.
C.excess H+ enters the tubular filtrate.
D.tubular carbonic anhydrase is inhibited.
Which of the following is NOT a component of DNA?
B.deoxyribose sugar
Which area of the brain contains neural stem cells that are apparently important in
learning and memory?
A.arcuate fasciculus
B.subgranular zone of the hippocampus
C.temporal lobe
D.cerebral cortex
Which amino acid serves as a channel through which other amino acids can form
A. glutamic acid
B. glycine
C. aspartic acid
D. alanine
What condition occurs when the eyeball is too short and the focal point appears behind
the eyeball?
Bile is forced up the cystic duct through the closing of the
A.sphincter of Oddi.
B.lower esophageal sphincter.
C.pyloric sphincter.
D.ileocecal valve.
The process that yeast uses to make alcohol from glucose is
B.aerobic respiration.
What protein regulates iron homeostasis?
D.multipotent growth factor-1
The __________ is a capillary network that produces a blood filtrate that enters the
urinary tubules.
A.vasa recta
B.peritubular capillary
D.interlobar capillary

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