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Human Physiology 14th Edition

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July 19, 2017
Ablation of the red nucleus prevents communication between the cerebrum and
cerebellum and thereby enhances normal motor function.
Moderate exercise causes increased visceral organ blood flow.
Astrocytes can be excited by changes in intracellular Ca2+ concentration.
The measurement of blood pressure by a sphygmomanometer is the pressure above
atmospheric pressure.
The maximum amount of gas that can be inspired after a normal tidal expiration is the
inspiratory capacity.
Absorbed lipids are initially transported by the lymphatic system.
The lymph nodes and spleen are primary lymphoid organs.
Polypeptide hormones are synthesized from tyrosine and tryptophan.
Inhibition of phagocytosis prevents proper Kupffer cell function.
Patients with Turner's syndrome have 47 chromosomes and appear female.
The placenta is unable to synthesize estrogens from cholesterol.
The palm of the hand would have a higher receptor density than the upper arm.
Ablation of the thyroid gland would increase plasma Ca2+.
Each olfactory glomerulus receives input from several types of olfactory receptors.
A one molar solution would contain 6.02 1023 molecules of solute.
The average resting membrane potential of a neuron is -85mV.
Negatively charged ions will migrate towards the anode in an electrical field.
Lipolysis is the process by which triglycerides are stored in adipocytes.
Nicotinic receptors utilize G-proteins to regulate the opening of ion channels.
The maximal response to antidiuretic hormone occurs in the cortical nephrons.
Carbonic acid is a volatile acid since its concentration in the blood is controlled by
An inhibitory postsynaptic potential would be produced by a neurotransmitter opening
Cl- channels.
The greater the number of depolarization regions on an axon, the faster the action
potential will be conducted.
In glycolysis, glucose is converted to glycogen.
The actions of insulin are often mediated by insulin-like growth factors.
The plasma membrane is a static, uniform structure that protects the cells and controls
the passageway of materials into and out of the cell.
Adult stem cells can form a variety of related cells and are therefore described as
Myosin will not bind to actin unless ADP is bound to the myosin head.
The intestinal microbiota have a mutualistic relationship with humans.
Oxidative stress is associated with many diseases because of the buildup of free radicals
in the nucleus of aerobic cells.
Respiratory acidosis would be compensated by increased retention of bicarbonate ions
in the kidneys.
Mutations in complement proteins 1 through 4 directly affect the structure of the
membrane attack complex.
Progesterone is secreted primarily from the corpus luteum.
The electron transport chain system functions to create a proton gradient across the
outer mitochondrial membrane.
For blood to flow, there must be a pressure difference in different parts of the vascular
The first of the three phases of extrinsic control of gastric function is the gastric phase.
Lower motor neurons are found in the lower part of the brain.
The importance of the citric acidcycle in energy production is the formation of
significant amounts of
B. lactic acid.
D. carbon dioxide.
In the spinal cord, the gray matter is on the _____ and the white matter is on the ___.
A. outside, inside
B. inside, outside
The ______ system is involved in the pupillary response.
C.optic chiasma
D.sensory adaptation
Testosterone receptors would be ____________ in response to anabolic steroid abuse
Formation of glucose from noncarbohydrate molecules is called as
A. glycogenolysis.
B. glycolysis.
C. gluconeogenesis.
D. ketogenesis.
A pH above 7.45 is considered
During congestive heart failure
A.high blood K+ causes cardiac arrest in systole.
B.high blood Ca2+ causes cardiac arrest in systole.
C.blood pools in front of the affected ventricle.
D.renin secretion is stimulated.
The transport of protons from the intermembrane space to the mitochondrial matrix
occurs via
A.ATP synthase.
C.lactate dehydrogenase.
D.FADH-coenzyme Q reductase complex.
Information from both eyes is present in all of the following except the
A.optic tract.
B.optic nerve.
C.optic radiation.
D.occipital lobe.
Aspirin reduces inflammation by
A.inhibiting the COX1 isoenzyme.
B.inhibiting the COX2 isoenzyme.
C.inhibiting the COX3 isoenzyme.
D.increasing production on PGI2 and PGE2.
At rest, both cardiac and skeletal muscle arterioles have a high peripheral resistance due
A.cholinergic sympathetic stimulation.
B.-adrenergic sympathetic stimulation.
C.-adrenergic sympathetic stimulation.
D.cholinergic parasympathetic stimulation.
Which of the following is a function of the steep Na+/K+ gradient across the cell
A. provides energy for coupled transport
B. creates electrochemical impulses
C. maintains osmotic pressure
D. All apply.
miRNA can be made from particular introns that have been removed from pre-mRNA.
Which of the following describes a trans-fat?
A.Has carbon-carbon single bonds.
B.Has carbon-carbon double bonds with hydrogens on opposite sides of the bonds.
C.Has carbon-carbon double bonds with hydrogens on the same side of the bonds.
D.The fatty acids form a bent chain.
Which of the following molecules is NOT part of the thin filament?
A. actin
B. titin
C. troponin
D. tropomyosin
The metabolic regulation of blood pH occurs in
A.the lungs.
B.the liver.
C.the kidneys.
D.all organs.
What is the function of prolactin in males?
A. stimulates growth of sperm cells
B. stimulates milk production in the mammary glands
C. regulates water and electrolyte balance in the kidneys
D. None apply.
The limbic system, especially the ____________ and _______________, are rich in
'stress hormone" receptors.
A. caudate nucleus, hippocampus
B. hippocampus, amygdala
C. cingulated gyrus, amygdala
D. septal nuclei, hippocampus
Cardiac action potentials usually originate in ______________ cells.
B.chordae tendinae
Which of the following is NOT a proton pump of the electron transport system?
A.NADH-coenzyme Q reductase complex
B.FADH-cytochrome c reductase complex
C.cytochrome c reductase complex
D.cytochrome c oxidase complex
Each turn of the citric acidcycle directly produces ______________ molecule(s) of
A. one
B. two
C. four
D. no
A flagellum has
A. a "9+0" structure.
B. a "9+2" structure.
C. no microtubules.
D. microvilli as its structure.
Place the tunics of the GI tract wall in the correct order from superficial to deep.
A.submucosa, mucosa, serosa, muscularis
B.mucosa, muscularis, submucosa, serosa
C.serosa, submucosa, mucosa, muscularis
D.serosa, muscularis, submucosa, mucosa
_______________ bonds are formed when atoms share electrons unequally.
A.Nonpolar covalent
C.Polar covalent
D.van der Waals
Knowing how to tie your shoes is an example of _____ memory.
A. episodic
B. semantic
C. procedural
D. working
The pericentriolar material is believed to be responsible for
A.cytoskeletal organization.
B.centriole replication.
C.kinetochore formation.
D.centrosome formation.
Which cranial nerve allows one to make facial expressions and secrete tears?
A. trigeminal
B. glossopharyngeal
C. hypoglossal
D. facial
Myopia generally occurs when the
A.eyeball is too short.
B.eyeball is too long.
C.lens is uneven.
D.cornea is uneven.
The structure of a __________ includes a core of nonpolar triglycerides and cholesterol
esters coated by proteins, phospholipids, and some free cholesterol.
C.nucleic acid
Dangerously low blood pressure that results from infection is
A.septic shock.
B.anaphylactic shock.
C.neurogenic shock.
D.cardiogenic shock.
What percentage of energy released by aerobic respiration of glucose is captured by
A. 25-30%
B. 30-34%
C. 38-40%
D. 42-46%
______________ is used to treat congestive heart failure.
B.ACE inhibitors
C.Calcium channel blockers
Which of the following structures are important to the maintenance of balance and
A. eyes
B. proprioceptors from joints and muscles
C. vestibular apparatus
D. All apply.

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