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Human Physiology 14th Edition

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July 19, 2017
Damage to the white matter of the brain would prevent transmission of information
between nuclei.
The epimysium surrounds the individual muscle cells.
For a muscle to contract, it must overcome stronger opposing forces.
GI tract hormones affect the organs that secrete them.
Encapsulated cutaneous receptors are used to detect thermal sensations.
Shock is characterized by hypotension.
Gamma interferon is a useful tool against cancer and is produced by natural killer cells.
Inadequate bile secretion will limit emulsification of fats.
Blood clot dissolution is stimulated by tissue thromboplastin.
Basal stem cells in the olfactory epithelium produce new olfactory receptors every one
to two months.
The neural tube and neural crest cells are of endodermal origin.
The blood-brain barrier may prevent medications from reaching brain tissue.
Female accessory sex organs develop from the mesonephric ducts.
Descending tracts carry motor impulses from the cerebral cortex to the spinal cord.
Muscle found in association with blood vessels would be striated.
In DNA, cytosine forms a complementary base pair with adenine.
The MM isoenzyme of creatine phosphokinase is found in diseased skeletal muscle.
Pinocytosis is a type of exocytosis.
Cells lacking lysosomes would be unable to undergo apoptosis.
G-proteins are needed to directly stimulate the activation of protein kinase.
Tubular secretion of small xenobioticsis often accomplished by polyspecific organic
anion transporters.
Dual glands, like the pancreas, have both endocrine and exocrine functions.
Ondine's curse is a condition in which involuntary control of breathing is abolished so
that patients must remind themselves to breathe.
One possible reason that the proteome is so much larger than the genome is that
mRNAs can be spliced in alternative ways thereby increasing the number of products
produced from a particular gene.
Norepinephrine agonists would increase cardiac output.
The muscle spindle apparatus serves as a muscle length detector.
Low-density lipoproteins functions to remove and degrade cholesterol.
Proto-oncogenes are mutated forms of normal genes which contribute to cancer.
The forebrain develops into the telencephalon and the diencephalon.
Dihydrotestosterone is produced by the action of the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase on
Phenylephrine functions as a _______ because it promotes vasodilation in nasal
A.a1 agonist.
B.a1 antagonist.
C.b1 agonist.
D.b1 antagonist.
The splanchnic nerves synapse in the
A.paravertebral ganglia.
B.collateral ganglia.
C.white rami communicantes.
D.gray rami communicantes.
If the intracellular concentration of Ca2+ was 10mEq/L and the extracellular
concentration was 150mEq/L, the Ca2+ equilibrium potential would be
A. -35.9mV.
B. -71.8mV.
C. +35.9mV.
D. +71.8mV.
The process of urination is called
D.glomerular filtration.
A molecule that is part polar and part nonpolar is called
A. an enantiomer.
B. a ketone body.
C. unsaturated.
D. amphipathic.
Carbon dioxide _____ oxygen unloading and oxygen unloading _______ carbon
dioxide transport.
A.increases, improves
B.increases, worsens
C.decreases, improves
D.decreases, worsens
The total amount of FADH2 produced by one turn of the citric acidcycle is
A. one molecule.
B. two molecules.
C. 15 molecules.
D. 30 molecules.
What protein primarily makes up the thin filament?
What does the release of TSH from the anterior pituitary cause?
A. thyroid follicle cells produce MIT and DIT
B. thyroid follicle cells produce calcitonin
C. thyroid follicle cells take up a small amount of colloid, hydrolyze T3 and T4, and
release them into the blood
D. thyroid follicle cells oxidize iodide ions to iodine
The entire epidermis is replaced every
A.2-3 days.
B.2 weeks.
C.2-3 hours.
D.2 months.
Which of the following is NOT true of unsaturated fatty acids?
A. They contain one or more double bonds.
B. They are usually liquid at room temperature.
C. They contain a maximal number of hydrogen atoms.
D. They contain less than the maximum number of hydrogen atoms.
What hormone is needed to set the BMR?
Which organ receives only sympathetic innervation?
A. the adrenal medulla
B. arrector pili muscles in the skin
C. most blood vessels
D. All apply.
Who's law states that the amount of gas dissolved in a liquid is directly proportional to
the partial pressure of the gas?
A. Charles law
B. Boyle's law
C. Henry's law
D. Laplace's law
What process occurs as the zygote travels towards the uterus in the fallopian tubes?
A. cleavage
B. fertilization
C. capacitation
D. polyspermy
A. emphasizes cause-and-effect mechanisms.
B. includes the fields of chemistry and psychology.
C. ignores the scientific method.
D. ultimately strives to understand the structures of individual cells.
What theory states that tolerance to self-antigens is achieved through the destruction of
lymphocytes that recognize self-antigens?
A.clonal-selection theory
B.clonal-deletion theory
C.clonal-anergy theory
D.monoclonal-antibody theory
The chorion frondosum develops from the ___________ layer of the chorion.
B.yolk sac
Apoptosis of T lymphocytes requires that Sertoli cells produce
A.FAS ligand.
B.androgen-binding protein.
D.All of these choices are correct.
Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) is a condition associated with premature babies
who lack
C.type I alveolar cells.
Epithelial membranes that are more than one layer thick are called
Each pair of hydrogens generated in glycolysis are used to
A. reduce 2 molecules of NAD.
B. oxidize 2 molecules of NAD.
C. reduce 2 molecules of FAD.
D. oxidize 2 molecules of FAD.
The myelin sheaths of CNS neurons are produced by
A. Schwann cells.
B. oligodendrocytes.
C. ependymal cells.
D. leukocytes.
What structure is an arteriole capillary bed - drained by an arteriole instead of a venule?
A.peritubular capillaries
B.vasa recta
D.juxtaglomerular apparatus
Sertoli cells in the testicular tubes produce _____ that protects the sperm from immune
system destruction.
D.FAS ligands
Which of the following is NOT a structural classification of neurons?
A. motor neuron
B. bipolar neuron
C. multipolar neuron
D. pseudounipolar neuron
Sympathetic stimulation of cholinergic fibers in the arterioles of skeletal muscle will
C.no effect.
Which of the following is an effect of hyperthyroidism?
A. accelerated growth
B. rapid pulse
C. increased plasma T4 levels
D. All apply.
Peripheral chemoreceptors that can detect changes in blood pH are located in the
A.medulla oblongata.
B.aortic and carotid bodies.
Which of the following is NOT a primary tissue of the body?
A(n) ___________ is a cylindrical support used to keep an artery open.
A.coronary bypass
The period between meals is
A.absorptive state.
B.fasting state.
C.postabsorptive state.
D.Both fasting and postabsorptive state.
This process is also known as reduction division:
A.cell division
D.genetic translation
In males androgens are required for
A.initiation of spermatogenesis at puberty.
B.regression of the wolffian ducts during embryonic development.
C.maintenance of accessory sex organs.
D.development of the Mllerian ducts.

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