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Human Physiology 14th Edition

Psych 47135

July 19, 2017
Fast twitch fibers have the greatest resistance to fatigue.
In some instances RNA can act as an enzyme.
The pharynx is a common passageway for the respiratory and digestive systems.
Melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland due to parasympathetic stimulation.
Female accessory organs develop because of the presence of ovaries.
The fovea centralis contains only rods.
DHEAS travels from the fetal adrenal cortex to the placenta where it is converted into
Persons with thalassemia will have large amounts of hemoglobin F.
The limbic system is considered the emotional brain.
The receptive field affected by cones is much smaller than the receptive field of rods.
Increasing interleuken-3 levels would limit the development of mast cells.
On average, each FADH2 generates 1.5 ATP in oxidative phosphorylation.
Proline is an essential amino acid only in children.
Epiphyseal growth in males is stimulated by estrogen.
The oral glucose test is a measure of the ability of the alpha cells to secrete insulin and
of the ability of insulin to increase blood glucose levels.
Plasma levels of protein-bound thyroxine fluctuate greatly in response to the body's use
of thyroxine.
The placenta has surface FAS ligand receptors that causes apoptosis of T lymphocytes
and thus prevents immune system attack.
Receptive fields of simple neurons are rectangular because they are best suited to
stimulation from a slit of light.
Animals that cannot synthesize neuropeptide Y would be prone to seizures.
End-product inhibition usually involves allosteric inhibition of an enzyme.
The annuli fibrosi are rings of epithelial tissue that support the heart valves.
Aristotle is considered the father of physiology because he attempted to apply physical
laws to the study of human function.
An adult with a blood pressure of 130/95 would have mild hypertension.
Sensory neurons for muscle position are the fastest conducting neurons.
Stratified epithelial membranes provide little protection but transport substances
between the internal and external environments.
Growth of a tissue due to hypertrophy occurs when cells increase in number.
Pheromones are responsible for the dormitory effect of synchronized menstrual cycles
of females living together.
Plasma measurement of creatinine is a close estimate of GFR.
Organs innervated by autonomic motor neurons are often under voluntary control.
A person with damage to the left cerebral hemisphere could have several speech
problems, but yet have no problems with singing.
Proteins and mRNA exit the nucleus via
A. nuclear pores.
B. endoplasmic reticulum.
C. vesicles.
D. centromeres.
Mutations in polypeptides called _____________ that are produced by T cells would
prevent T cells from destroying infected cells.
Which of the following is NOT an autoimmune disease?
A.Hashimoto's thyroiditis
B.multiple sclerosis
C.atopic dermatitis
Cells that are as wide as they are tall have a(n) ____________ shape.
Which of the following is NOT an action of aldosterone secretion?
A.raises blood glucose levels
B.stimulates kidneys to retain Na+
C.causes loss of K+ in urine
D.an increase in blood volume and pressure
Which of the following is NOT part of the conducting zone?
A.primary bronchi
A.is most common in premenopausal women.
B.does not occur in men.
C.can be treated by stimulating osteoclasts.
D.can be limited by estrogen-replacement therapy.
Cholesterol removal is facilitated by the production of __________ lipoproteins.
C.very low-density
Match the statement to the correct part of the cell life cycle.
Complement fragments stimulate all of the following EXCEPT
C.histamine release.
D.antibody production.
Sympathetic agonists could be utilized to treat asthma.
Which of the following is NOT an effect of glucagon secretion?
Neurogenesis is the formation of new ______________ from neural stem cells.
A. ependymal cells
B. astrocytes
C. neurons
D. All apply.
The sounds heard during the last phase of blood-pressure measurement are
B.snapping sounds.
D.thumping sounds.
What type of sensory neuron is associated with a muscle spindle apparatus?
A.primary, annulospiral sensory endings
B.pyramidal sensory endings
C.secondary, flower-spray sensory endings
D.Both primary, annulospiral sensory endings and secondary, flower-spray sensory
endings are correct.
Small RNA and protein regions are joined together to make functional mRNA by
A. spliceosomes.
B. introns.
C. snRNPs.
D. Both spliceosomes and snRNPs are correct.
Inhibition of exocrine pancreatic secretions results in
A.decreased insulin secretion following meals.
B.decreased bile synthesis and secretion.
C.production of an acidic chyme.
D.stimulation of enterokinase activity.
Which of the following is NOT true of hypoglycemia?
A. It can result in death.
B. It may be due to diabetes.
C. It is characterized by high plasma glucose levels.
D. It can result in death AND it may be due to diabetes.
Most of the water found in the body is in the
B.intracellular fluid compartment.
C.extracellular fluid compartment.
D.blood and extracellular fluid compartment.
Calcium that is needed to activate cross-bridging in smooth muscle mainly comes from
A.endoplasmic reticulum.
B.extracellular fluid.
C.intracellular fluid.
D.dense bodies.
What structure is composed of protein filaments and is located in the center of the thick
A.Z disk
C.M line
Where is the major site of body energy storage?
A.brown fat
C.white fat
D.inside skeletal muscle cells
In anemia, 2,3-DPG is ________ and oxygen affinity is ________.
A.decreased, decreased.
B.decreased, increased.
C.increased, increased.
D.increased, decreased.
Why does the upper third of the esophagus have skeletal muscle in its wall?
A.so you do not choke
B.the first phase of swallowing is voluntary
C.so that peristalsis can occur
D.the first phase of swallowing is involuntary
What is the action of the signaling molecules activated by the insulin-tyrosine kinase
second messenger system?
A. insertion of glucose carrier proteins into the plasma membrane
B. hydrolysis of glycogen and secretion of glucose
C. transport of insulin into the cell
D. All apply.
Which of the following is NOT true of steroids?
A.They have three 6-carbon rings joined to one 5-carbon ring.
B.They contain a variety of functional groups.
C.They are derived from palmitate.
D.They differ in the position of the double covalent bonds between the carbon atoms in
the rings.
What is the function of CREB in long-term memory?
A. opens Ca2+ channels
B. addition of AMPA receptors
C. draws more glutamate into the neuron
D. activates genes to make proteins such as dendritic spines
Which of the following cells relies solely on anaerobic metabolism of glucose?
A.skeletal muscle cells
B.liver cells
C.kidney cells
D.red blood cells
The secondary structure of proteins is/are
A.the linear arrangement of amino acids in the molecule.
B.alpha helix coils and beta-pleated sheet folds of a protein strand.
C.due to the interaction between protein subunits.
D.stabilized when a protein is denatured.
Which of the following is NOT an enzymatic protection against oxidative stress?
B.superoxide dismutase
Since most filtered bicarbonate is reabsorbed, where does the bicarbonate come from
that is used to compensate for acidosis?
A.carbonic acid
B.carbon dioxide

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