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Human Physiology 14th Edition

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July 19, 2017
The larger the cross-sectional area of a type of vessel, the higher the blood pressure.
Exercise increases the amount of GLUT4 carriers in skeletal muscle.
Glucagon and cortisol increase lipolysis.
Cells become more negative during hyperpolarization.
Asthmatics will have decreased amounts of histamine, leukotrienes, and cytokines
during an attack.
Serotonin is derived from the amino acid tryptophan and is an important
The study of disease processes aids in the understanding of normal functions.
Parkinson's disease is associated with the loss of dopaminergic neurons.
Phosphorylation of glucose "traps" the glucose within a cell.
Destruction of astrocytes would decrease the rate at which action potentials are
Under resting conditions, all of the body's blood is pumped through the left ventricle in
one minute.
The buffers of urinary pH are ammonia and monohydrogen phosphate.
Aldosterone affects salt and water absorption in the intestine.
The reticulospinal tracts are the major descending pathways of the pyramidal system.
The nigrostriatal dopamine system is located in part of the midbrain known as the
substantia nigra and is degenerated in the disease myasthenia gravis.
Neutrophils and macrophages move through the extracellular matrix by amoeboid
Stem cells present in the intestinal crypts renew the intestinal epithelium every 4 to 5
Blood pH should be between 7.55 - 7.65.
Male contraceptive drugs that would block FSH would be very effective for birth
Emission and ejaculation are under parasympathetic nerve control.
Hypocapnia would induce a rise in the pH of arterial blood.
The nervous and immune systems are primarily involved in maintaining homeostasis.
Oncotic pressure is the difference between the colloid osmotic pressure of the plasma
and the colloid osmotic pressure of tissue fluid.
Treating a male fetus with antibodies to DHT would prevent development of the
Intrinsic regulation of blood flow provides localized control of peripheral resistance.
The cell is the basic structural and functional unit in the body.
Unsaturated fatty acids contain more hydrogen atoms than saturated fatty acids of the
same length.
Axonal transport from the cell body to the dendrites and axon is retrograde transport.
Neurotransmitters are released at neuromuscular junctions to smooth muscle cells.
Cortisol from the fetal adrenal gland will stimulate maturation of the lungs and
production of surfactant.
Facilitated diffusion is unable to transport molecules against a concentration gradient.
The ventricles completely empty when they contract in systole.
Genomic imprinting allows for differing expressions of an allele.
Lactic acid fermentation is also known as aerobic respiration.
Vitamin K is needed for
A.proper clotting factor function.
B.directly activating fibrinogen.
C.directly stabilizing the fibrin polymer.
D.activating antithrombin III.
Chemically reduced FAD has __________ extra hydrogen atom(s) bound to it.
____________ and ____________ are often regulators of effectors in most feedback
A.Enzymes, neurotransmitters
B.Hormones, neurotransmitters
C.Nerves, enzymes
D.Hormones, nerves
E.Enzymes, hormones
Muscle hypertrophy is due to
A.increased number of myofibrils in the muscle fiber.
B.increased number of muscle fibers.
C.increased size of the myofibrils.
D.Both increased number of myofibrils in the muscle fiber and increased size of the
myofibrils are correct.
Hemophilia is
A. an X-linked trait.
B. more prevalent in women.
C. results in excessive blood clots.
D. All apply
The __________ limb of the loop of Henle is impermeable to water.
C.both limbs
Where are OATs located?
A.basolateral membrane of proximal tubule cells
B.apical membrane of distal tubule cells
C.basolateral membrane of distal tubule cells
D.apical membrane of collecting duct cells
If cardiac output increases, the peripheral resistance must _____ for arterial blood
pressure to remain constant.
C.no change
What is the major nonenzymatic protective mechanism against oxidative stress?
A.ascorbic acid
A. prevent formation of cancer cells.
B. block the ability of cyclins to stimulate cell division.
C. stimulate apoptosis.
D. often stimulate cyclin-dependent kinases that speed up the G1 phase.
During skeletal muscle contraction,
A. the H band increases in size.
B. Ca2+ associates with tropomyosin.
C. myosin heads interact with tropomyosin.
D. thin filaments slide across thick filaments.
Fatty acids provide the majority of the energy for muscle metabolism when a person is
A.exercising at 25% of VO2max.
B.exercising at 50% of VO2max.
C.exercising at 75% of VO2max.
D.exercising at 100% of VO2max.
What is the function of enterokinase secreted by the brush border?
A.activates the protein-digesting enzyme trypsin
B.breaks down dipeptides
C.causes the stomach to produce gastrin
D.causes release of pancreatic digestive enzymes
Being able to recognize the face of a schoolmate at your 30 year reunion, would be a
function of the
A. inferior temporal lobes.
B. occipital lobe.
C. medial temporal lobes.
D. anterior frontal lobes.
The direct role of blood oxygen levels in controlling respiration is called
A.hypoxic drive.
C.oxygen perfusion.
CD39 enzyme
A. breaks down fibrin.
B. inhibits COX-1.
C. binds to damaged collagen.
D. breaks down ADP to AMP and Pi.
The production and conduction of action potentials in the heart produces a recordable
tracing of the electrical activity of the heart called a(n)
C.heart scan.
What is the protein found in the colloid of a thyroid follicle?
What type of receptors do norepinephrine and epinephrine bind in the heart?
A. 1-adrenergic
B. -adrenergic
C. muscarinic
D. nicotinic
The ______ is involved in the improvement of memory when the memory has an
emotional content.
A. caudate nucleus
B. substantia nigra
C. amygdala
D. lentiform nucleus
The parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system
A. has long postganglionic neurons.
B. has a single neuron arising from the spinal cord.
C. has relatively short preganglionic neurons.
D. has terminal ganglia embedded in the visceral effectors.
Those hormones that are nonpolar can pass through the plasma membrane and are
A. hydrophilic.
B. hydrophobic.
C. lipophilic.
D. Both hydrophobic and lipophilic are correct.
_____________ RNA has the function of bringing amino acids to the ribosome during
A. Transfer
B. Messenger
C. Ribosomal
D. Nuclear
The majority of water within the body is found in the
A. intracellular compartment.
B. extracellular compartment.
C. blood plasma.
D. interstitial fluid.
The embryonic urethral fold becomes the female
A.labia minora.
B.labia majora.
C.glans clitoris.
D.All of these choices are correct.
What structures affect cell motility, adhesion, and proliferation?
A. basal lamina
B. integrins
C. collagen IV
D. proteoglycans
Stroke volume is affected by all of the following EXCEPT
A.total peripheral resistance.
B.emotional stress.
C.cardiac contractility.
D.end diastolic volume (EDV).
Chromatin is comprised of _____________ and ___________.
A. phospholipids, DNA
B. DNA, protein
C. RNA, protein
Cutaneous receptors respond to stimuli that are outside the body and are therefore also
D.special senses.
Which of the following is NOT true of long-term potentiation (LTP)?
A. Associated with the removal of AMPA glutamate receptors
B. Repeated stimulation enhance excitability
C. Associated with insertion of AMPA glutamate receptors
D. It is a form of synaptic plasticity
Whose work brought physiology to be accepted as a true experimental science?
A. Sir Henry Dale
B. Walter Cannon
C. William Harvey
D. John Macleod

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