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Human Physiology 14th Edition

Psych 32715

July 19, 2017
Which of the following is NOT true of histamine?
A. it is derived from the amino acid histidine
B. acts as a hormone that stimulates gastric secretion
C. acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain to cause drowsiness
D. acts as a regulator in inflammation and allergies
What type of cells form the third filtration barrier?
B.ciliated cuboidal epithelial cells
C.capillary simple squamous epithelial cells
_______________ is an autosomal dominant inherited condition in which progressive
renal failure develops due to expanded portions of the renal tubule.
B.Renal calculus
C.Polycystic kidney disease
The process of recycling cellular proteins that had been released by exocytosis and
brought back into the cellis called
A. mediated transport.
B. active transport.
C. autophagy.
D. retrograde transport.
What causes presynaptic inhibition?
A. inactivation of Ca2+ channels
B. a second neuron causes a reduction in neurotransmitter release from another neuron
C. axoaxonic synapses
D. All apply.
The ______________ is equal to the hydrostatic pressure of the blood in the capillaries
minus the hydrostatic pressure of tissue interstitial fluid outside the capillaries.
A. net filtration pressure
B. blood pressure
C. osmotic pressure
D. None apply
Which of the following is NOT an example of the cooperative effects of the
sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of the ANS?
B.male sexual function
C.saliva production
Receptors for LDLs are called
A. foam cells.
B. apolipoproteins.
C. atheromas.
D. lactate dehydrogenase.
Which of the following is NOT part of the limbic system?
A. cingulate gyrus
B. angular gyrus
C. amygdala
D. hippocampus
During the intestinal phase regulating gastric function
A.the vagus nerve stimulates gastrin secretion.
B.stomach distension stimulates acid secretion.
C.vagal nuclei are stimulated by smelling food.
D.gastric emptying is inhibited.
Facilitated diffusion of a molecule into a cell would be more rapid if
A. the concentration of the molecule in the cell increased.
B. the concentration of water in the cell decreased.
C. the concentration of the molecule outside the cell increased.
D. the cell was isotonic.
The hormone that antagonizes the effect of growth hormone is
What neurotransmitter is used by neurons with cell bodies in the raphe nuclei along the
midline of the brainstem?
A. serotonin
B. dopamine
C. glycine
Pepsin would not be found in the stomach if the __________ cells were destroyed.
C.D cells
D.chief or zymogenic
Which of the following are natural analgesics?
A. endorphins
B. enkephalins
C. dynorphins
D. All apply.
Damage to the stapedius muscle can lead to nerve damage within the cochlea.
The human genome refers to
A.all living human beings.
B.the total variations in human cells.
C.all of the genes in the cell.
D.human mutations caused by gene defects.
______________ are derived from the precursor arachidonic acid.
A.Thyroid hormones
B.Adrenal medulla hormones
D.Prostaglandins and leukotrienes
What is the role of sustentacular cells in the olfactory epithelium?
A.produce new bipolar receptor cells
B.to oxidize volatile hydrophobic odorant molecules to make them less soluble
C.to repair damaged receptor cells
D.to form basal stem cells
Which of the following is NOT a disaccharide?
Which of the following is NOT a major constituent of bile?
The volume of gas inspired or expired in a quiet respiration cycle is the
A.tidal volume.
B.vital capacity.
C.inspiratory reserve volume.
D.residual volume.
Nitric oxide
A. is a chemical messenger activating adenylate cyclase.
B. stimulates the dilation of blood vessels.
C. is produced from L-asparagine.
D. All apply.
The action potential of nonpacemaker cells is due to the
A.inward diffusion of Na+.
B.inward diffusion of Ca2+.
C.inward diffusion of K+.
D.outward diffusion of K+.
Steroid hormone receptors may be found
A.in the cytoplasm.
B.in the nucleus.
C.on the cell surface.
D.Both in the cytoplasm and in the nucleus.
What is present in the vasa recta to remove water for the interstitial fluid of the renal
A.Na+/K+ pump
B.urea transporters
D.ADH receptors
The affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen is __________ as the partial pressure of oxygen
is raised.
Chemicals that stimulate action potentials in postsynaptic cells are called
A. hormones.
B. enzymes.
C. neurotransmitters.
D. neurotrophins
Which of the following is NOT true of fast glycolytic/Type IIX white muscle fibers?
A.high glycogen content
B.few capillaries
C.low oxidative capacity
What is NOT true of the relative refractory period?
A. Na+ channels are inactivated
B. many Na+ channels are returning to a closed state
C. K+ is moving out of the axon through its open channels
D. a strong stimulus could cause a depolarization

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