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Human Physiology 14th Edition

Psych 22400

July 19, 2017
Which of the following is a layer of the renal corpuscle?
A.glomerular visceral epithelium
B.glomerular parietal epithelium
C.glomerular endothelium
D.All of the choices are correct.
If PO2 and hemoglobin content of blood is normal, how much oxygen is the blood
A.0.3 mL O2/ 100 mL blood
B.10 mL O2/ 100 mL blood
C.20 mL O2/ 100 mL blood
D.35 mL O2/ 100 mL blood
The efferent arteriole delivers blood to the
A.peritubular capillaries
B.vasa recta
D.juxtaglomerular apparatus
Which of the following is NOT a cause of circus rhythm?
A.damage to the myocardium
B.certain cells coming out of the refractory period too quickly
C.shortened myocardial cells
D.an electrical shock in the middle of a T wave
What type of receptors will bind ATP and adenosine?
A. cotransmitter receptors
B. pyrimenergic receptors.
C. purinergic receptors.
D. None apply.
Interstitial fluid is derived from
A. lymph.
B. cells.
C. plasma.
D. formed elements.
Which of the following cells do NOT normally have many aquaporins in their plasma
A. kidneys
B. lungs
C. salivary glands
D. skin
Blood volume would be increased by
A.decreased vasopressin secretion.
B.decreased aldosterone secretion.
C.increased renin secretion.
D.increased atrial natriuretic factor secretion.
The enzyme with the lowest pH optimum is
A.acid phosphatase.
C.monoamine oxidase.
_____________ is a muscarinic antagonist derived from the nightshade plant.
Recognition of your best friend's face is a function of the _______ cerebral hemisphere.
A. right
B. left
C. both
cAMP activates ______ that activates other enzymes in the cell.
A.protein kinase
D.tyrosine kinase
Enzymes ______________ the rate of a specific chemical reaction.
C.have no effect on
Mutations in the genes encoding for IgG would
A. prevent allergic reactions.
B. block the synthesis of the principle form of circulating antibody.
C. prevent antibody secretion in external secretions.
D. prevent lymphocyte stimulation by antigens.
_______________ is a structural protein found in tendons and ligaments.
What is found in the anterior cavity of the eyeball?
A.aqueous humor
C.vitreous humor
Tight junctions between ___________ are responsible for the formation of the
blood-testis barrier.
A.Leydig cells
B.Sertoli cells
C.spermatogonial cells
D.trophoblast cells
______________ normally produce ATP by aerobic respiration.
A. Red blood cells
B. Cardiac muscle cells
C. Skeletal muscle cells
D. Skin cells
The primary buffer in the blood is the _______________ buffer.
A. hydronium
B. ammonia
C. phosphate
D. bicarbonate
In humans parturition can be blocked by
A.inhibiting the actions of progesterone.
B.stimulating the actions of estrogen.
C.inhibiting the actions of oxytocin.
D.stimulating the actions of chorionic gonadotropin.
What structure connects Wernicke's area to Broca's area?
A. corpus striatum
B. angular gyrus
C. arcuate fasciculus
D. corpus callosum
The main factor determining differences in energy requirements of individuals of
similar gender and weight is the difference in
A.physical activity.
C.body temperature.
The law of specific nerve energies can be used to explain
A.phantom limbs.
B.paradoxical cold.
C.sensory adaptation.
D.lateral inhibition.
Blood flow is increased by
What structure connects the scala vestibuli with the scala tympani?
A.round window
C.oval window
D.cochlear duct
Which of the following are involved in short-term regulation of hunger?
A.leptin and CCK
B.ghrelin and CCK
C.insulin and PYY
D.leptin and insulin
Urea is transported out of the descending limb of the loop of Henle to add to the high
osmolarity of the medulla.
What amino acid are dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine derived from?
A. histidine
B. tyrosine
C. tryptophan
D. serine
What is the purpose of the motor circuit?
A. allows intended movements to occur and inhibits unwanted movements
B. permits REM sleep
C. activates the RAS
D. inhibits language comprehension
What process involves the destruction of worn-out organelles by lysosomes?
A. exocytosis
B. pinocytosis
C. autophagy
D. None apply.

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